Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday to My Hubby

My husband Nicholas William turns 30 11/27! Him and I both are like "WHAAAT 30!?!?" I remember that sounding ancient when I was younger. Now suddenly that Deanna Carter song "Strawberry Wine" comes to mind..."I still remember.....when 30 was old."  I am so proud of all he's done and continues to do. He is such an incredible person, husband, and father. Defnitely the leader of our family and he does a wonderful job of it. His 30's are sure to be memorable as I'm sure many different changes and miracles will come our way.

I threw him a Surprise 30th birthday party on December 16th. I had invitations made by the web developer I work with and then I had his friend Winston help me out the day off with getting him to meet him out and eventually bring him to the party location. I also had life size cut out heads of Nick on sticks that we all put over our faces for when he walked in. So many people showed up both that live near us and live far away...we had a great night:)

I think this video of him walking in might go down as one of the biggest surprise FAILS of all time. It's also the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. First of all after waiting for what felt like an hour and half yelling surprise to aobut 15 strangers who walked in followed by "boos", he finally arrives! Then he walks right past us!!! Apparently Nick thought he was ruining someone else's surprise (even though we all had his face over our faces!). He also had to go to the bathroom REAL bad! HAHAHAH! He even points to our friend Amanda (who lives over an hour away and wouldn't just be hanging out in Cedar Rapids) and then just kept walking in the bathroom. I still can't figure out what he thought about that...she's married to NIcks good college buddy and she wouldn't be there for any other reason than to see us haha! you can hear me yell "NICK!"

HAHAHAHAHAH isn't that great! I had to go after him in the bathroom and explain to him (in a VERY annoyed voice/tone) that his surprise party and about 50 people were out there for his SURPRISE 30th birthday party and he just blew us all off. THe next day we laughed so hard we cried about it. Here are few other videos and pictures from the night....


WHAT A STRESSFUL thing throwing a surprise party is but I'm so glad I could do that for him. There was a live band who was incredible and everyone danced all night. I think it was a success other than the initial surprise....FAIL!

So that was his first surprise....the second was our surprise trip to Florida that we just got back from(post to come on that!). I love birthdays if you can't tell.

 Happy 30th Birthday babe! Can't wait to see what the next 30 years bring:)