Monday, November 5, 2012


I have followed so many blogs that did monthly body updates after having their little ones. I wasn't on the ball enough to do them monthly, but I figured one would do. Not to mention when it comes time for another baby, I will look back on this as a reminder that WE DO go back to semi normal:) It has been almost a year since my body made this crazy tranformation and I thought it would be neat to document it.  I also have come to appreciate my body in an entirely new way. I am AMAZED at the bodies God provides us with. In the last year and a half I put on 30 lbs and lost 30 lbs, my belly stretched out so that a baby the size of a watermellon could grow and fit in it, I was cut open so that a 7 lbs 7 oz, 20 1/2 inch human body could be pulled out of me (I have a beautiful 3 inch scar as a reminder), my chest went from C's to DD's and now down to B's, my ankles and feet swelled up so that I couldn't put my shoes on, and my face swelled up like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am so amazed how our bodies are able to do all of that. Nine months pregnant I couldn't imagine looking anything like I did before becoming pregnant. In my mind I was going to be the 30 lbs heavier version of myself forever! I wasn't one who cared how much I gained or how my body changed. I just wanted a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. But it's only natural to wonder if you will ever see the likes of your old self again. I have come to really admire and appreciate what our bodies are able to do. I still cannot wrap my head around it!
When I was about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant I asked Nick to take a picture of my belly....I was so excited to watch my body transform and look back on it.  I desperately wanted a bump for so long......I remember thinking it was taking too long and that I wanted to "look pregnant"...I certainly got that bump later!
Although my weight is where it was body is different, as it should be. A person grew in there!

Weeks go by, months pass and you slowly begin to grow without even noticing. Here I am standing in the Ocean in Florida at 33 Weeks Pregnant. This is when the swelling started to REALLY pick up...especially in my face!

The biggest change came in the 3 weeks following the trip to Florida for my cousins wedding. I felt like I was having an out of body experience and my face was so swollen I hardly recognized myself some days. I also developed pregnancy mask which made my face look dirty! At 36 weeks pregnant I was very ready to meet our little guy. I still am in awe seeing these pictures and how my belly stretched. I look miserable here...
I remember feeling much better on Halloween....we had an 80's themed party to go to (hence me as a 80's fitness instructor and Nick as Ice Man from Top Gun).

My final night was NIck and I's One Year Anniversary. We went out to dinner at Osaka and rented a movie to watch at home (per my request!:)). I was so swollen and so tired and thought I was nowhere near going into labor. At about 10:30 pm November 6th (6 days before our due date and on our 1 year anniversary) my contractions started and continued through the night...NO sleep for me...22 hours later I was a Mommy. I can really see my fluid and weight gain in these pics from our Anniversary dinner.
About an hour and a half before labor belly picture...about 24 hours later we had Jimmer:)
After Jimmer arrived and the hours following were exhausting...I went 40 hours straight with no sleep. Here we are with Jimmer the day after his birth...

I was able to get up and move around the morning of November 9th. Nick took these pictures around 48 hours after his birth...

 Life is so wonderfully different now....with the help of breast feeding, chasing an active baby around, starting a running and strength training regime, and letting my body lead the way....I am actually more fit than I was just before I got pregnant. Motherhood makes you feel powerful, like you are capable of anything. The way God designs us is and will always be a miraculous mystery to me. You couldn't have convinced me a year ago that this was possible. I hope for you new Mamas and soon to be Mamas,  you realize your body is amazing and you can do anything with it.

I wanted Yogi to get some camera action....look how fit he is:)

Got my hubby to run a 5K with me back in August

I think this was in June....Jimmer looks so small:(
American Gladiators on Halloween!!

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