Monday, November 12, 2012


Jimmer turned ONE years old on November 7, 2012. Officially at 8:48 pm. We had a party, we loved on him and spoiled him rotten, and Mommy only cried 2 times (miracle).

 Life changed the moment you were born and I can't even remember life before you. I am better because of you and you teach me so many things. I cannot wait to see what this life holds for you.

2 spills down the stairs
2 Incredibly proud and in love parents
21 hours of labor
3 inch C-Section scar as a rememberance of you
9 months of 100% pumping
291 bags of frozen milk
1 doctor visit for being sick
8 sparkly pearly white little teeth
3 big head bruises
2 beautiful brown eyes
4 photos sessions (soon to be 5)
4 times you've peed on yourself and/or Mama
13,246 times you've said the word "ball" (approximate :))
1 healthy and happy baby boy
1 long it took you to completely steal our hearts

...365 of the greatest days of our lives
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy....


HEIGHT: 29 1/2 inches
WEIGHT: 22.10 lbs

Clothing: Mostly 18 months. Some pants are in 12 months..lil legs:)
Diapers - Size 4

Loves: Climbing up and down stairs, BALLS (football, soccer, basketball, decorative whicker balls..anything that is shaped like a ball), dancing, bath time, pretzel sticks, climbing.

Dislikes: Being changed, waiting for his bottle to be made, missing a nap, when you take something away from him, when Nick or I leave.

Sleeping: Bed at 8 am....Up anywhere between 6 and 7:30. Sometimes he goes back down right away with a bottle ntil 8 or 8:30. The time change has NOT been fun however.

Eating: Whole Milk and everything we eat. He loves bananas and pretzel sticks and macaroni and cheese.

What's New: He started walking just a day or two after he turned 11 months and it's been non stop since. He's trying to run! he climbs onto or into everything and apparently thinks he's about 2 feet taller than he actually is. He has stopped saying any other vocabularly he previously said and is now only saying "ball" OVER and OVER and OVER again. When he wakes up in the morning and I get him out of his crib he points down the stairs and yells "ball" over and over again. He understands a lot of things we say now, can point out a nose, mouth and eyes. When you say show me your tongue he gets this lizard tongue going. Basically he's a non stop moving crazy animal who I love to pieces.

We've made it to a year. Many sleepless nights, lots of tears and panic, a zillion smiles, tons of laughter, and a whole new outlook on life. I can never thank God enough for you Jimmer Jack. Happy 1st Birthday.

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