Friday, November 30, 2012

Children's HopeChest....Season of Giving

I know that this is a difficult time of year with buying Christmas gifts, traveling, etc. I often get so caught up in it all and get so stressed out trying to organize and handle all of it. Sometimes I forget that there are so many people out there who's greatest concern is having food to eat and clothes to wear .....and here I am stressing about whether the Target on my side of town will have the Leap Frog game my nephew wants but certainly doesn't need. I forget to be grateful for the simplest things sometimes.

  I wanted to post something that has recently become dear to my heart and something I feel really makes a difference. Our Church sermon some time back was about Compassion...helping and giving to those in need. In the few weeks after that, my friend Morgan told me about the Children's HopeChest. Morgan and her husband sponsor 2 children.  100% of it goes to them for food, clothing, school etc. My favorite part about it is you can write your child or children once a month and they will write you back up to twice a year. You can send them pictures and a few times a year people from the organization travel there and will take things to them from you. Morgan has the opportunity to go in August so I will be able to send some things to Joyce (more on her later:)).

For $34.00 a month, a child is fed, clothed, sent to school, provided medical treatment and access to facilities they otherwise wouldn't. But moreso they are given love and hope and faith so that they can overcome the abandonment, violence and poverty surrounding them. I know I spend at least $34.00 a week sometimes on silly things I don't need. I know it's not for everyone, and I know there have been times in my life where I just couldn't do it. But if you can, I promsie it's such a wonderful and rewarding feeling. I am posting because there are a handful of children who still need to be sponsored...and because someone told me about this and I figured I should pay it forward. The goal is to have them all sponsored by the end of December. I want to help and I figured if this blog reaches out to just one person it will be worth it.

There is so much more information here at

You can also find information at any of these places:!/ChildrensHopeChest

This is Joyce. I chose her because my middle name is Joy so I was drawn to her name, she's 11 just like my youngest sister, and for whatever reason I just knew she was the one I should sponsor. When I received all of her information it said she was competitive, loved sports, and loved singing and dancing. We were literally meant to be:)

Joyce lives with her mom who is HIV positive and her 4 other siblings. Her father died from AIDS. She is in the 4th grade and lives in Uganda. I have already written her once and cannot wait to do so again next month. I've been told they cherish the letters and photos they get and have them read to them as our children do with books.

The people behind this organization are such amazing and inspiring people. They make me want to give back so much more. They teach the children about God and despite how they are mistreated by many people, they show them love and give them hope for better lives. These two in particular, Dylan and Jennifer DeBruin. They live in the Des Moines area and their family oversees two CarePoints in war torn Uganda that care for almost 400 orphaned and vulnerable children in the area. You can follow their blog at

You can see Joyce in this picture:) Her name is on her forehead.

For those of you unable to commit to a monthly sponsorship but still want to help, my friend Morgan is part of a team that is fundraising to help raise money to give the children of Ogoloi Carepoint in Uganda a sanitary kitchen and bathroom. This will help feed the 120 sponsored children of the Carepoint to get sanitary meals 6 days per week and a clean bathroom. She has a goal of $1,000.00. $5, $10...anything helps. You can donate by going to the following link:

Here is the current kitchen where 5 widows cook food for the 120 kids in Ogoloi 6 days a week.

Current Bathroom

I hope that I was able to reach out to just one person. I cannot believe the effect this has had on me and wish I would have been involved so much sooner. I know some people are unable to do anything despite wanting to, and I can understand that too. Simply praying for these children and families does so much.

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