Tuesday, October 9, 2012

11 months

I'm finding myself getting very emotional about having an 11 month old baby boy. This means I'm just 4 weeks from having a one year old which doesn't seem possible. He has made our lives so rich and I love him more every day. I remember a year ago like it was yesterday. I was super swollen and so anxious to meet this little person growing and kicking in my belly. Even then I had no idea the love I would feel. I am trying to take in every little thing...even the not so good things...because I know these stages will be nothing but memories all too quickly. I am also in full planning mode for his 1st birthday in 29 days! 
My camera was dead when I went to take these so I used my phone...not quite as good of quality but I still get to see my growing ALMOST one year old boy (tears). I officially need Nick with me for all of these to keep his attention as much as possible and try to get a few smiles.
Height & Weight: ??? Will know at 1 year checkup
Clothes: 12-18 Months (bottoms), Tops 12-18 and 18-24
Shoes: 4 Wide
Teeth: 3 Top with one days from popping through; 2 bottom
I feel like Jimmer grows every week! He seems to be long on top and short on the bottom based on how his clothes fit. I'm interested to see what he measures and weighs at his next appointment. I think we are on the verge of several teeth popping through. I can see his gums swelling and can tell there will be a few more here soon.
*Yogies dog food and water dish (DRIVES US NUTS) *Pretzel Sticks (carries them with him everywhere) *CARS..the little ones that fit in his hands *His walker toy *climbing *giving kisses *Yogi *His cousin Brayden *the tupaware drawer *dancing (literally to anything with a beat)
First STEPS...he takes 3 steps and then becomes unsure of himself. He can walk holding onto our pinkies just fine so he just needs to trust himself and he will take off...let the fun begin! He walks from stationary object to stationary object so I know it's any day now that he's full blown walking.
Vocabularly...he is talking more and more. Mama is finally a regular..Dada, Baba, NahNah, LaLa...all of em. Oh and of course his daily "OUUUUUU"
Jimmer is a beast. He cracks himself up and loves attention. He's also such a lover. He hugs and kisses us all day...I never want that to go away:( He does this new thing where he tenses up his fists and holds his breath to the point of his face turning red and then cracks up afterwards. We started calling this "Show us your muscles" so that he knows what we want him to do when we ask. It's hilarious and he knows it. Here are a few pictures of him doing it during our 11 month photo session the other night.
Anything and Everything. This kid can eat. He's getting 3 bottles a day.....one when he wakes up....one in the afternoon.....and one at bed time. Another few weeks and I'll be switching to whole milk. Oh and as mentioned above..he loves pretzel sticks. The thick woven ones, preferably honey wheat flavored. He really isn't a fan of apple juice at all. He loves water but I can't find a juice he really loves yet.
HMMMM....well.....he naps like a champ, goes down like a champ, and when he does get up he is up a total of 5 minutes before he's back down. BUT...we have had some nights where he goes back to getting up in the middle of the night. Usually around 1:30 or 2 am. I have let him cry it out a few times and sometimes that works and others it doesn't. The good thing is I get up, give him a bottle, change him and he's back asleep in no time. To be honest, I enjoy them. We have a lot of nights where he goes down at 8 and is up at 6 am to eat a bottle...then he's back down until 7:30 or 8 am.
He still naps like a champ 2x a day around 10 am and around 2 pm. He loves his naps.
I love you to pieces Jimmer...you make our lives better in every way imaginable.

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