Thursday, September 27, 2012

The start of FALL and farewell Allen.....

Everyone who knows me knows I love summer. I love hot summer days, being in my swim suit, going barefoot and all the fairs. That being said, it's a toss up as to whether Fall or Summer is my absolute favorite. Hot chocolate, Chili, fall clothing, the bright colored leaves, bonfires, the perfect sleeping weather, and FOOTBALL. Not to mention Jimmer and Nick have fall birthdays and Nicks and I's anniversary too! I just love it. The last few weeks have been a blast with tailgating, watching football and busting out our sweatshirts. These photos are random but it documents our end of summer/beginning of fall adventures. This weekend, Nick, Jimmer and I are going to Bloomsbury Farm and I cannot wait. I'm convinced that I am more excited for me than I am for Jimmer :)

On the way to Iowa City to tailgate for IA vs UNI :)

Tailgating.....that tshirt I have on is from 2003 or 2004 from UNI Womens bball camp! #vintage

:) Getting some grub wit the hub

Erin and Clint!

Erin and I!

Jimmer showing off his skills to Erin

Those thighs!

Pushes that thing around everywhere...

Where one is you'll find the other..

Trying to save his cousin Brayden...


We have ourselves a climber

My favorite....check out the popped leg and toe pose he has going on! HAHA!

Exploring the yard

Hanging with Daddy

Jimmer loves his Tonka rides from Brayden

Getting some Mama time

My sweet nephew and I

Mommy and Brayden

"Mom I think the Hawks are going to snag a win today eh?"....the weekend after the UNI game...Iowa vs Central Michigan....this did not end well

Me and my husband look him to look at the camera this time

Brayden joined the fun....

"It's not looking good Papa...lets take a nap and wake up when it's over" ...Jimmer nervous for the 4th quarter

"Get me out of this outfit IMMEDIATELY....I hate losing!!!" - said after the Hawks disappointing loss

And here are some kitchen adventures with Jimmer....

Toast and Cherrios for breakfast

Clap clap clap clap clap

He tells us immediately when he is ready to get out....

I also have to note a dear person to me who passed away this past week. Dr. Allen Koepke went to live above us unexpectedly a few days ago. He was my musical director in a show I did called Jim McDonough Holiday Grande in both 2009 and 2010. Aside from that he led a choir I sang in back in grade school, and in high school we sang a number of the songs that he wrote and we were privealged to have him lead a few of those concerts where we sang his songs. He was to lead Jim McDonough again this year and we had just auditioned on September 16th. There was a great write up in the Gazette about will truly be missed Allen. I am certain he continues to lead a magnificent choir.

Allen always gave us a tearful and heartfelt speech after our final shows....

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Things have been so crazy at our house. My sister and nephew moved in for a little while so it's literally been like a zoo (but a high functioning zoo:)). I have been trying out so many new recipes which has been so fun for me. One in particular, meatball sliders, was a huge hit and probably one of my favorite things I've ever made (actually hands down it is). Other than that... Maple Chicken, Lots of Slow Cookers, Bisquick Chicken, Taco Tuesdays, Breakfast dinners, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Some Pretzel Chicken that was not a success #fail, and several grill outs..I actually have come to love cooking. My favorite is the actual sitting down together and eating it though. I know sometimes life gets busy and crazy but that is something I  want to make time for whenever possible now, and as our family grows.

Other than that we've been chasing around our curious 10 month old who is un-phased by the repercussions of gravity and heights, going to visit Jack and Dolly in Davenport, tailgating/watching the Hawkeyes lose, and enjoying the start of the summer to fall transition (I LOVE Fall). Here are a few pictures to sum up the last few weeks since I've failed in blogging....WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD...

"What's up ladies..."

Not the greatest picture...but the only one I had of us together xoxox

Little young Jimmer....

On the way to J & D's :)

Look at those toofers...this was 2 weeks ago and since then another tooth has completely come through and is about the size of the other can tell his gums are swollen

"what we got in here??"...His new favorite thing...opening and looking in cabinets!

Exploring with Grandma Dolly

"Wasn't me"

Jimmer and his best buddy Yogi....



"You know you like it when I expose a little chest"....check out those baby boobs..aka bayoobs

"You know I don't do group shots in my's embarrassing"

"Not interested"

My favorite boys


"Well folks...about time to call it a night"

Cousin Brayden in his underoos

"False alarm...not ready for bed"

My bestie Morgan on game day... celebrating her birthday and later a Cyclone Win for her (I was not happy :))

Loves of my life....

Ok so back up to speed! Class is going well.....super challenging and one of the most difficult things I've done to date but so far so good as long as I keep studying...just saying "Corporate Financial Reporting" gives me a headache. This weekend we are heading to tailgate for the Iowa vs UNI game...excited to wear my Purple and Gold...yes I realize how crazy this seems since I wore black and gold and supported the Hawkeyes just one week ago. This all gets very confusing....I went to UNI for 3 years so am, and always will be a Panther fan....they are not the same Division as Iowa so I usually support and cheer for both....but when UNI plays Iowa, I support UNI...not to mention I am technically an Iowa student now so I am invested in both. I also just love the atmosphere and "Football land" of Iowa City. So there ya have it...I'm a traitor I know. As for Saturday..GO PANTHERS!