Thursday, August 9, 2012


We have been so busy lately I haven't been keeping up with this as much as I'd like. I really want to have this to look back on forever to see all the places life has taken us, to laugh at some of the ridiculous things I have and will say and do, and to document this life I feel so blessed to live every day. With that being said, here is Larson life brought up to speed....


1. We Celebrated my sweet Nephews 6th birthday....

Brayden opening his Cars 2 backpack from Nick, Jimmer and I
Cousins Swimming
Cars 2 Birthday Cake!
Jimmer with frosting on his mouth:)
Waving to the birthday boy
Auntie Olivia and her nephews
Great Grandma Faas with Jimmer

 2. We put on our boots and jammed out to Toby Keith at the Great Jones County Fair...

Katelyn and I and NOT my sunglasses LOL...not sure who's those are

Papa Ron and his 2 oldest daughters

Mr. Larson and I

Acting ridiculous with this toy gun

This cracks me up....

My little sister and I :)

On the way to the concert...the Amandas and Ashley

Step Mama J-Fer, Ashley and I in the beer tent pre concert

This picture is ridiculous...and blurry

TOBY how much he loves the USA!!
3. We spent a week with the Larsons who traveled up from Louisiana. Always goes much too fast..I love seeing Nick with his family, and Jimmer fell more in love with all of them. Unfortunately we failed to get any all family pictures in the crazyness of the week:( Will post this weekend or before about the Mississippi Valley Fair that we all got to attend together this year!
Swimming with my beautiful neices...lots of back flips:)

Cousins!! (Despite Jimmers face, they LOVE each other)

Papa Kim and Jimmer Jack

Karoke Time at J & D's Bar

<3 Love

Auntie Kenzie and Jimmer

The Larson Kids with Grandma Dolly

My awesome Mother In Law and our crazy hats:)

My sibling in laws:)

4. Jimmer tried on his Jordans....

5. Our son has decided that he wants to grow and change what seems like every day...I am watching painfully as my infant baby boy turns into a crawling, standing, talking, curious 9 month old. I love him so much it hurts.

6. We went to Williamsburg to celebrate my late Grandpas oldest sisters 90th birthday...made me miss him so much...I have such a neat family.

"What's up GG Faas?"

Attempt #1....

Attempt #2...better but not great
The Handsome Faas/Larson boys
Hanging with The Matriarch
Happy 90th Birthday Great Aunt Shirley....I know Grandpa would have been so proud we all got together...I'm sure he was celebrating from above:) Ps...Jimmer wasn't interested in any more photos.

7. My husband gets even better as time goes on. He's such a good man...and such a wonderful father....and such a loving husband. I have to remember how wonderful he truly is on days that the little things seem to get under my skin (dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty anyone??) I am very thankful for the honest, faithful, stubborn man he is :)

My baby boy turned 9 months old on Tuesday....9 month update coming soon! People always told me time goes even faster when you have kids and they couldn't have been more right!! SLOW DOWN LIFE!

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