Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Summer Fun...

I have been so bad about blogging lately. So I'm on a mission to get caught up, post pictures of Jimmer on facebook (haven't since he was 3 months old other than mobile uploads - bad Mom), and to start keeping up to date with my online journal/blog so I can look back and not miss a thing!

So to catch are some fun things we've been doing the last few weeks...

1. Jake Owen concert in Allison, IA
Our good friend from good ol Upper Iowa is from Allison, IA and invites us to their fair every year. This year it worked out for us to go and we had a blast. I love his parents and his Mom made the best food that I couldn't get enough of!
Bags before the concert

The Ladies

Take 2

My handsome hubby and I ready for some country music

The guys (I love Marcus's cut off sleeves lol)

With Dana who got us VIP buttons

Look how close they are! AHAHAHA

This picture makes me laugh :)


It was a warzone in there let me tell ya!

Indy, Brooke and I

Watching Mono throw an IMPRESSIVE 47 mph HAHAHAHAHAHA

Great night :) Missed our Jimmers though!

2.  Adventureland
A few weeks ago on a Monday, my Mom, Sisters, nephew, best friend Morgan and her son Carter all went to Adventureland for the day. It was perfect weather, no lines since we went on a Monday, and we had the best day! Went way too fast! I can't wait to take Jimmer to places like these:)

My Sisters and Nephew ready to tackle Adventureland :)

Ashley and her:)

Brayden and Carter on the boats!

SO cute....

Driving the truck!
3. Clints Going Away/Birthday Party
One of our closest friends Clint is moving to Okoboji any day now:( We will miss him so much but will definitely visit and got to celebrate his birthday and wish him luck as he tackles this new adventure at his party a few weeks ago. It was VERY sad for all of us.

Not sure what's going on here...My Dad, Roger Dodger, Danny Boy, Nick and Clint

The ladies and Clint...we will MISS him

:) Nicholas William and I

This isn't a summer activity but everything in our lives revolves around this little person so I couldn't leave him out. And the activities above didn't involve him so it doesn't seem right to not have him included's our little mister...being a naked boy and hanging with his MiMi.

Notice the pile of mail...that would be Jimmers doing


Jimmer and his MiMi

"You looking at me?"

Such a happy boy

How cool are MiMi's shoes!??!

:) Staring Contest

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