Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Obstacles

Here are some recent obstacles and future hurdles that we are tackling in the Larson family...


I tackled my first 5K the morning of July 4th in the Alliant Energy CVRA 5th Season Races. Yes...the hottest day of the year is when I decided I should try my first race. I figure, any other race I do from here on out should be pie compared to this brutal heat box...that is if I do another one.

Before the start I was towards the front. I didn't want to get caught behind walkers or people pushing strollers. But I also didn't want to be in the front row with the 6 minute milers who would surely make my starting pace MUCH too fast. I started out and tried to look at the ground so that my competitive nature to catch the other runners wouldn't take over my comfortable pace. I had 7 songs on my ipod to get me through and blasted it to block everything else out. Along the way I saw people throwing up, laying down, hyperventalating and crying (yes crying). I remember at one point thinking "Why do people like doing this?" There were a few moments I thought about walking just because of the heat. But then a 10  year old boy would run by me and I thought there was no way I could stop. I turned the last corner and could see the finish and could hear all the cheers of the crowd. I crossed the finish line...went straight for the curb...and laid down! HAHA! I dumped water all over myself and checked my ipod/nike+ time. Apparently this thing has been way off because it said I ran 3.4 miles in a 6:56/mi pace. Well, this was a 5K so only 3.1 miles. I checked and I clocked in at 23:31 at a 7:34/mi pace. There were close to 673 participants...I finished 58th overall....11th female....and 3rd in my age group.

My Mom and her friends did it as well and I waited to cheer them on as they crossed the finish line. Afterwards we used our drink tickets and mingled and felt proud for getting up early to do something good for us. I had originally wanted Jimmer there but it was just too hot. My sister sat at our house while I ran since Nick had to work. Next time I'll want him there cheering me on. I'm guessing that would give me a whole new boost of energy and motivation.

I felt good after the fact. But during there was no feel good "runners high" I hear so much about. I was angry, and hot, and hating life. That being said, I am hoping to try another one in the near future when the temperatures are a bit lower.

I am aware that I am GHOSTLY white...need some sun in my life! :)

I am not however the only one tackling new things. Jimmer is now a stair climber. He is fearless and proud of himself every time he makes his way up. We are now what I like to call a "baby gated community". I also bought him something to float in the water in which he loves. On the 4th we went to my Dad's and swam all afternoon and he was in heaven...and then very exhausted. He has tons of hair coming in, his top two teeth are days from popping through, and his baby vocabulary is growing (still no "Mama" despite my best efforts). He makes everything brighter.

He's growing so fast:(


I applied for PreMBA status at the University of Iowa and just received word that I have been accepted. I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into, if it's a wise decision, or why on earth I'm throwing myself into "MATH land"...not my favorite. I have looked into getting my Masters a handful of time over the last 3 years and something always came up. Whether I was planning our wedding, or discoverd I was pregnant it was always put up on the shelf. My employer pays 100% for A's and 75% for B's or C's and it seems silly not to take advantage of that. I will eventually have to take a fairly difficult test that makes me a little nervous but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I have up to a year to do all the things neccessary to be officially accepted (GMAT test, referrals, formal application etc.) I would only take one class at a time and it's only one night a week from 6-9. My first class starts August 23rd and is every Thursday until November 8th. Here goes nothing.

And here is a workout I got from a fellow blogger that I'm going to try this week! Looks like a good one.....I will probably only do 4 miles or so as I get BORED running on a treadmill (or anywhere) for too long:)

surprise sprint treadmill run

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  1. oh that looks like a good workout to try! thanks for sharing. Also you have a ripped stomach, congrats on your race!