Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Food, Fitness and Phone Photos:)

I get on these kicks where I'm into trying new recipes and in search for my inner Martha Stewart (minus the prison stuff). And now with the little guy when I get on these kicks, I also start experimenting with his meals. So far he has mostly been eating the purees from the grocery store and some cut up stuff that NIck and I are eating. The other night when Nick and I went to the store I decided to try my hand at some homemade baby food. The first few attempts were EPIC fails because I didn't do my research on how to do it and tried to wing it (not good). But the last week I peeled the fruits and veggies, got the seeds out, boiled and softened and put in the food processor, and added breast milk and it turned out great..or so I thought. I put some of it in ice cube trays to freeze and save for later and let Jimmer try the rest. I made sweet potatoes, carrots, and pears. Here's the problem...he hates them (figures). He is just not into any of it and I'm afraid I'm going to have to try a different route.
 I have read a lot about the baby led weaning as well. This allows your kids to feed themselves which I am also trying out. I'm kind of all over the place trying all sorts of things to see what he likes best and what works for us. I am thinking that the baby led weaning is going to be our best option because Jimmer loves feeding himself. This week I'm going to cut up some avacado, peaches, and some turkey or chicken to see how he likes that. It's so funny when he doesn't like something. The other day I put french toast and scrambled eggs on his tray...when I turned around the french toast was completely gone and he hadn't touched the egg. Clearly not his favorite.

Pears, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

Jimmer and a scrambled egg...not his favorite

I just have to comment on the class that I go to at the MAC on Tuesday nights. This is the class and description on the website:
Fitness Interval Training - is a high intensity, low choreography old-school workout. Combine cardio intervals with weights to get your whole workout in one. Studies have shown interval training leads to better, faster results. All levels.

I just want to say that I would change and/or add some things to this description: Extremely high intensity, plyometrics, and certainly not for all levels. I love this's the greatest and most challenging class I've ever attended since graduating college. It's only 45 minutes long which I love so it doesn't cut into a lot of my evening time with Jimmer. It's on Tuesday nights from 5:45 to 6:30 pm. Yesterday was only the third time  I've gone and it was just as painful and challenging as the first two. It's one of those classes that you get out of it what you put in. The instructor gives several variations of the moves to make it less or more intense. I love pushing myself in this class. Last week I almost thought I would have to leave because I felt light headed and like I was going to get sick. Thankfully I avoided that embarrassement.  I highly reccommend this class for those of you who belong to the MAC or any gym with a similar class structure.

I also tried that interval sprint/treadmill workout last Wednesday that I posted about earlier this week. If you haven't seen it, I talk about it at the end of this post here. Boy is that a butt kicker! I did 4 miles worth and changed it up a bit but my legs are still killing me from this run. It took me 32 minutes...the gal I got it from did 6 miles worth and I'm pretty sure I could not have done 2 more miles. This is a great interval run...I did change it up slightly at the end...

6.5 mph warm up
8.0 Speed Interval
6.7 Recovery
9.0 Sprint
6.7 Recovery

And here are some phone pictures of my baby boy... I love him more every day:)

Passed out after our Trail walk with MiMi


He might look like Daddy but he at least resembles me a LITTLE bit

Great Grandma Faas and Jimmer :)


Baby Jail

Look at those arm ROLLS!

Leaving the gym after my class...Jimmer helping Mommy get the car started

This is my absolute favorite...

so sweet <3
Getting so big:(
His favorite toy is that hanger right now...he bangs it on the floor and cracks up

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