Friday, July 13, 2012

8 Months

     HEIGHT: Won't know until his 9 month check up
                        WEIGHT: Won't know until his 9 month check up
                                       CLOTHING SIZE: 12 Months

 LOVES: Stairs, the Wii Remote, Yogis food and water dishes, whatever Nick and I are eating, drinking water out of a glass, dropping and/or throwing things.

DISLIKES: You know it's funny...I sat here looking at this for a while trying to think of things he didn't like. We have been blessed with such a happy and easy going baby. He has moments where he wants to be held and moments he wants to be put down, moments where getting into his car seat doesn't make him a happy camper, and times when getting dressed isn't his favorite thing in the world...but there isn't a constant daily dislike of anything that I can think of. He's such a  happy little man.

WHAT'S NEW: Climing Stairs, Clapping up a storm, Waving "Bye Bye", Cracking up laughing and then speed crawling to you, Saltine Crackers, Floaty Baby raft for the pool
PERSONALITY: Oh boy...Jimmer is such a ham. He shows off and is a huge flirt. He smiles and laughs all the time and is so proud of himself when he does anything he thinks deserves clapping (which is nearly everything). He is a Mama and a Daddys boy and squeals when he sees either of us.

SLEEP: For about a week he went back to being up between 3 and 4 am. Thankfully that was just for a few days. He goes to bed around 8 pm give or take a half hour and he's up between 6 and 7 am, drinks a bottle, and goes back down for anywhere between 1-2 hours.
EATING: I have officially stopped pumping!! (JUMPING FOR JOY). I bought my first thing of formula last week and am currently mixing half and half with my frozen breast milk. I felt a sense of guilt at first but have since realized I should be proud of what I was able to do. My supply had drastically dropped (I was making about one bottles worth a day) and with working full time, it was becoming too much. With what I have stored in the freezer he will be around 10 months old before my breast milk runs completely out. So he will only have a short period where he doesn't have any of my milk at all. I hope and pray our next baby latches on. 100% pumping was very difficult but it goes to show that all the research I found saying it couldn't be done or that you could only do it for a month or two were wrong. I have to say it's a huge relief to not have to drag my pump around everywhere I go and take time away from social settings, Jimmer, family, anything that we happen to be doing to pump. And I feel like I'm doing more than pumping all day long! I was also worried about Jimmer would take to his first half formula bottle but he doesn't seem to notice at all.

MAMA's FAVORITES: It's hard to pinpoint what my favorite things are because I love every part of him. His bottom chicklet teeth, the little bit of dirt that gets in his tiny fingernails, his chipped toenails from dragging his feet up stairs and everywhere else, how he reaches for me when he wants me to pick him up. I love how he smells whether he's fresh out the tub or not, how he chews on his thumb on the side where new teeth are about to poke through, his laugh, when he opens his mouth super wide before he starts drinking his bottle, how he loves Yogi and lets him nibble on his fingers, his concentration face, his baby breath, how he kicks in the tub, when he's practicing sounds and trying to talk...I have never experienced this kind of love...on my worst days I still get to pick him up, kiss him and put him to bed.

Side note: These monthly photo sessions are getting harder and harder to manage. He wants to climb up and over the chair, turns his head and is not are a few shots of him in action:
"Yes I realize how incredibly awesome this is"

Showing me his Michael Jackson impersonation...yet again

"If I could just get up and over this here chair"

"Maybe if I pretend to be sleeping she'll stop taking my picture"

"Not a chance you're getting me to sit still"


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