Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Food, Fitness and Phone Photos:)

I get on these kicks where I'm into trying new recipes and in search for my inner Martha Stewart (minus the prison stuff). And now with the little guy when I get on these kicks, I also start experimenting with his meals. So far he has mostly been eating the purees from the grocery store and some cut up stuff that NIck and I are eating. The other night when Nick and I went to the store I decided to try my hand at some homemade baby food. The first few attempts were EPIC fails because I didn't do my research on how to do it and tried to wing it (not good). But the last week I peeled the fruits and veggies, got the seeds out, boiled and softened and put in the food processor, and added breast milk and it turned out great..or so I thought. I put some of it in ice cube trays to freeze and save for later and let Jimmer try the rest. I made sweet potatoes, carrots, and pears. Here's the problem...he hates them (figures). He is just not into any of it and I'm afraid I'm going to have to try a different route.
 I have read a lot about the baby led weaning as well. This allows your kids to feed themselves which I am also trying out. I'm kind of all over the place trying all sorts of things to see what he likes best and what works for us. I am thinking that the baby led weaning is going to be our best option because Jimmer loves feeding himself. This week I'm going to cut up some avacado, peaches, and some turkey or chicken to see how he likes that. It's so funny when he doesn't like something. The other day I put french toast and scrambled eggs on his tray...when I turned around the french toast was completely gone and he hadn't touched the egg. Clearly not his favorite.

Pears, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

Jimmer and a scrambled egg...not his favorite

I just have to comment on the class that I go to at the MAC on Tuesday nights. This is the class and description on the website:
Fitness Interval Training - is a high intensity, low choreography old-school workout. Combine cardio intervals with weights to get your whole workout in one. Studies have shown interval training leads to better, faster results. All levels.

I just want to say that I would change and/or add some things to this description: Extremely high intensity, plyometrics, and certainly not for all levels. I love this's the greatest and most challenging class I've ever attended since graduating college. It's only 45 minutes long which I love so it doesn't cut into a lot of my evening time with Jimmer. It's on Tuesday nights from 5:45 to 6:30 pm. Yesterday was only the third time  I've gone and it was just as painful and challenging as the first two. It's one of those classes that you get out of it what you put in. The instructor gives several variations of the moves to make it less or more intense. I love pushing myself in this class. Last week I almost thought I would have to leave because I felt light headed and like I was going to get sick. Thankfully I avoided that embarrassement.  I highly reccommend this class for those of you who belong to the MAC or any gym with a similar class structure.

I also tried that interval sprint/treadmill workout last Wednesday that I posted about earlier this week. If you haven't seen it, I talk about it at the end of this post here. Boy is that a butt kicker! I did 4 miles worth and changed it up a bit but my legs are still killing me from this run. It took me 32 minutes...the gal I got it from did 6 miles worth and I'm pretty sure I could not have done 2 more miles. This is a great interval run...I did change it up slightly at the end...

6.5 mph warm up
8.0 Speed Interval
6.7 Recovery
9.0 Sprint
6.7 Recovery

And here are some phone pictures of my baby boy... I love him more every day:)

Passed out after our Trail walk with MiMi


He might look like Daddy but he at least resembles me a LITTLE bit

Great Grandma Faas and Jimmer :)


Baby Jail

Look at those arm ROLLS!

Leaving the gym after my class...Jimmer helping Mommy get the car started

This is my absolute favorite...

so sweet <3
Getting so big:(
His favorite toy is that hanger right now...he bangs it on the floor and cracks up

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Weekends Recap

We had such a wonderful weekend...I am finding I cherish them more and more since it's the only time the three of us can be together with Nick and I's work schedules.

Friday my girl Bailey came over and we got a Papa Murphys Pizza and rented a movie...and by the way...the dumbest most ridiculous movie ever. Aside from some funny moments or one liners from Paul Rudd, this movie was beyond bizarre. The best part of it was the gag reel! So....for those of you looking to rent a movie...don't rent "Wanderlust". #fail. Aside from the strangest 2 hours ever, we had a great night and Jimmer loved having the company (he is a HUGE flirt).

Saturday morning we got up and hit the road to Dubuque for our friend Josh Handkes wedding to the beautiful Tara Squires. Our friend Marcus was with us (him and Nick had a slumber party at our house the night before lol). Nick and Marcus were Ushers so we had to be there early for pictures. I dropped them off and Jimmer and I went to Super Target to get a few things. WHAT a nightmare. I wasn't in my dress yet and hadn't put my makeup after picking up our items at Target I went into the bathroom to put my dress on. I had to set Jimmer on the floor and watch him like a hawk so that he wouldn't touch ANYTHING in that bathroom other than his own toy which I made sure he wouldn't drop (very hard to do!!). Then we went out to the car and I set him on the passenger side floor of the car while I put my makeup on. He kept standing up and pulling on my dress. Then come to find out the hem of my dress (that I've had for several years but only worn once or twice) was undone and I had to go buy safety pins! Should have bought double sided tape fyi, not sure what I was thinking. Not to mention it was 100 degrees out and I was sweating and uncomfortable and Jimmer was over our little outing. Long story short...get dressed and put your makeup on BEFORE when you have a little one. Lesson Learned. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time. Jimmer was soooo good and had so much fun dancing and crawling around. Him and I stayed until about 8:45 pm..little past buddies bed time but I knew he'd be out once we got in the car and he was having so much fun. We headed back to Cedar Rapids and Nick and his two college buddies stayed the night and rode back together the next day. Nick looked so handsome in his's only the 2nd time I've ever seen him in one...the other being our wedding day. PICTURE OVERLOAD....

On the way to the wedding....he slept almost the whole way:) (That's my childhood blanket..also known as my "GeeGee")
 Before the Ceremony....

 At the Reception...
Jimmer and his buddy Marcus...he LOVES Marcus (look at that grip on his jacket!)

College Buddies :)

My dance partner for the night #sorrynick


My boys :)
 OK so I just want to take a moment to point out how AWFUL of a photographer my husband is....seriously....look at these pictures. He always cuts off half of our bodies and fills the frame with the ceiling or the wall. Good thing I didn't marry him for his photography skills...he did manage to get a good one after I told him the first two were FAILS.
HAHAH Jimmer and I...and the wall above us

Jimmer and I's bodies..and his high chair...

Finally got us in there but Jimmer was over it by this point

Love that guy

Wedding Party Dance!!

Nick and Marcus....studs
 When Jimmer and I were getting ready to leave Nick suggested we go outside and get some pictures by the water. It was so pretty out there.
Another picture by Nick...HAHA....Jimmer ready for bed in his pj's and me in my flip flops!

My Chubby little man

I love this one....

Larson Family of 3

Sunday morning Jimmer and I got up and had breakfast (he LOVES french toast turns out). Then we headed to Church. I have to say that I've really found a home in New Covenant. I feel so at ease there, the people are great and I love the nursery and youth areas. I took Jimmer to the nursery which he loves and headed in. The sermon was about your role as a wife which was so interesting and informative. I certainly took some things from it and have already this week found myself applying what I learned to our lives. One thing he said that stood out to me was "Wives, if you want to be beautiful to your husbands when your youth has faded...have a beautiful heart." He went on to say that external beauty is temporary and internal beauty is eternal. How we can still look nice and get dolled up and love all those things but to concentrate more on the internal and to work on that part of us. It's so easy to get caught up in external beauty when we are living in a world that is obsessed with it. I know my Mom will love this but she always taught me "Pretty is is pretty does" (which she got from my Grandma Vanover)...never have I understood that more. I love my time there and find that it's a great weekly reminder of the type of person I want to be and the way I want to and should live my life. Nick was home minutes after we got back and we spent the day at home in the AC, watching golf, and playing with our ACTIVE baby :)

GREAT weekend.....this coming weekend we are going to the Toby Keith concert which I cannot wait for!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Obstacles

Here are some recent obstacles and future hurdles that we are tackling in the Larson family...


I tackled my first 5K the morning of July 4th in the Alliant Energy CVRA 5th Season Races. Yes...the hottest day of the year is when I decided I should try my first race. I figure, any other race I do from here on out should be pie compared to this brutal heat box...that is if I do another one.

Before the start I was towards the front. I didn't want to get caught behind walkers or people pushing strollers. But I also didn't want to be in the front row with the 6 minute milers who would surely make my starting pace MUCH too fast. I started out and tried to look at the ground so that my competitive nature to catch the other runners wouldn't take over my comfortable pace. I had 7 songs on my ipod to get me through and blasted it to block everything else out. Along the way I saw people throwing up, laying down, hyperventalating and crying (yes crying). I remember at one point thinking "Why do people like doing this?" There were a few moments I thought about walking just because of the heat. But then a 10  year old boy would run by me and I thought there was no way I could stop. I turned the last corner and could see the finish and could hear all the cheers of the crowd. I crossed the finish line...went straight for the curb...and laid down! HAHA! I dumped water all over myself and checked my ipod/nike+ time. Apparently this thing has been way off because it said I ran 3.4 miles in a 6:56/mi pace. Well, this was a 5K so only 3.1 miles. I checked and I clocked in at 23:31 at a 7:34/mi pace. There were close to 673 participants...I finished 58th overall....11th female....and 3rd in my age group.

My Mom and her friends did it as well and I waited to cheer them on as they crossed the finish line. Afterwards we used our drink tickets and mingled and felt proud for getting up early to do something good for us. I had originally wanted Jimmer there but it was just too hot. My sister sat at our house while I ran since Nick had to work. Next time I'll want him there cheering me on. I'm guessing that would give me a whole new boost of energy and motivation.

I felt good after the fact. But during there was no feel good "runners high" I hear so much about. I was angry, and hot, and hating life. That being said, I am hoping to try another one in the near future when the temperatures are a bit lower.

I am aware that I am GHOSTLY white...need some sun in my life! :)

I am not however the only one tackling new things. Jimmer is now a stair climber. He is fearless and proud of himself every time he makes his way up. We are now what I like to call a "baby gated community". I also bought him something to float in the water in which he loves. On the 4th we went to my Dad's and swam all afternoon and he was in heaven...and then very exhausted. He has tons of hair coming in, his top two teeth are days from popping through, and his baby vocabulary is growing (still no "Mama" despite my best efforts). He makes everything brighter.

He's growing so fast:(


I applied for PreMBA status at the University of Iowa and just received word that I have been accepted. I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into, if it's a wise decision, or why on earth I'm throwing myself into "MATH land"...not my favorite. I have looked into getting my Masters a handful of time over the last 3 years and something always came up. Whether I was planning our wedding, or discoverd I was pregnant it was always put up on the shelf. My employer pays 100% for A's and 75% for B's or C's and it seems silly not to take advantage of that. I will eventually have to take a fairly difficult test that makes me a little nervous but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I have up to a year to do all the things neccessary to be officially accepted (GMAT test, referrals, formal application etc.) I would only take one class at a time and it's only one night a week from 6-9. My first class starts August 23rd and is every Thursday until November 8th. Here goes nothing.

And here is a workout I got from a fellow blogger that I'm going to try this week! Looks like a good one.....I will probably only do 4 miles or so as I get BORED running on a treadmill (or anywhere) for too long:)

surprise sprint treadmill run