Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Weekend Recap

We had such an amazing weekend...they always go much too fast but I was thankful for it just the same. There were so many of those overjoyed and thankful moments. I have never been so happy in my entire life.

Saturday Morning Jimmer, Nick and I got up, ate breakfast and got on the road towards Des Moines to see my best friend Morgan, her husband Jay and their two beautiful boys Carter and Kaden. We got there around 11:30 am and shortly after Nick and Jay left to go golfing, leaving Morgan and I and our little guys to relax and enjoy the beautfiul day. We ate lunch, the boys napped, filled up the baby pools, sat outside, listened to the ipod, and had some summer cocktails. It was the most perfect afternoon. Jimmer LOVED the baby pool (definitely getting one this week for him). Carter was entertaining as ever and is such a sweet little boy. He loves his little brother to death and was so good with Jimmer. His 3rd birthday is next week which is insane to me...I feel like I was just visiting Morgan in the hospital when he was born!! I wish we lived closer because our boys will certainly grow up to be great friends. I have learned so much about being a Mother from Morgan. The guys returned home and we enjoyed some more of the outdoors while Jay grilled. We ate out on their deck before hitting the road for Davenport. We planned it perfectly so that when we left it was Jimmers bedtime. He slept nearly the whole way:) WARNING: picture was so much fun:)

Carter and Jimmer lounging

He loved these keys

"Mom probably time to upgrade my jumpy...this one blows mine out of the water"

Jimmer LOVED Carters Pool

Carter holding his hand...sweetest ever

My Mister

Carter showing me his skills

Jimmer was OVER the heat at this point

Our best bud boys and their handsome Daddy's

This is the conversation I see happening:
Kaden: Dude what's up with your Mom and that darn camera?
Jimmer: I thought I told you man, she doesn't stop..just let her do her thing and she'll go away

Jimmers head is HUGE HAHAHA

"This should get us a few ooo's and ahhh's"

"Sup Ladies"

They loved each other....

This should get a few laughs when they're older...

Carter is so good with the babies

Jimmer loves Daddys hats!

Love love love this

My buddy Kaden...look at those BLUE eyes

Such a sweetheart

Take one...FAIL

Take two..FAIL


Can't get them to look despite NUMEROUS attempts..."Kaden look away....don't give in"

Such a happy boy

Playing in the Pool with Daddy

Morgie and her youngest boy:)

He looks so proud of himself in this picture

"How much this sweet ride run ya? What's the mileage?"

We arrived in Davenport late Saturday night and stayed until Monday afternoon. My sister in law and beautiful nieces were all in town from Louisiana too! It was so nice spending time with them and watching them interact with Jimmer. He has some amazing cousins :) He also has some pretty cool aunts, uncle, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and even a GREAT great Grandmother (Insane!) Hopefully someday we will live closer so we can see all of Nicks family more. But in the meantime I will be thankful for the time we do get with them.

His favorite toy at Grandma and Grandpa Berrys

Look at this bafoon

Ready for our walk! :)

"How you doin????"

Rhya and Jimmer were inseperable

"Get over here...."

Jimmers face here cracks me up..he loves his Rhya

Cousin Love:)

Rhylee and Jimmer

I love these cute

Look at Jimmers beautiful cousins :)

Rhya and Jimmer

HAHAHAHAH not a fan!

"on second thought...I could get used to this"

In a nutshell...I'm exhausted after the weekend. Thankfully, this is a short week. This coming weekend we are doing house, goodwill runs, relaxing and that's it. If it is warm enough I will probably fill a baby pool for Jimmer out on the deck. I am very much looking forward to a quiet weekend. Oh and did I mention I think our baby grows a pound a week!?!? I swear this weekend he got bigger. When I check on him in his crib he looks gigantor. I am finding it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a bad day with him in our lives. Ps - He had a doctors appointment the other day and he weighs 18 lbs 10 ounces!! Big boy!! :)

This weekend I'm going to upload some funny videos I've taken over the last month...including our speedy crawler...he has carpet burns on his knees some days!!

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