Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fathers Day, Farmers Market & Fitness!


Fathers Day was perfect! Well...actually Nick was sick with a terrible sinus infection so we opted to have a full day at home as a family. Jimmer has also been battling some chest congestion and coughing so we didn't make it Church whic was a bummer but I need my boys healthy! We watched ET, I turbo cleaned our house, Jimmer showed us how he pulls himself to stand on walls, chairs, tables, car seats you name it, and we let Daddy take a nap!
Hanging with sick Daddy on Fathers Day

Family Photo....Nick had a 3 photo limit this day:/

Nick fake smiling because he was so miserable....I'm glad I got him to take a few:( Jimmer doesn't look too thrilled either...

Papa Gary and Jimmer

Cousin Brayden and Auntie Ashley

Papa Ron and JJ

Jimmer loves his Auntie Liv

Hanging with Papa Ron (Juan) :)

Showing us his new clapping trick

Jimmers face cracks me "I'm not having it"

My sweet handsome boy

"Happy Fathers Day Dada".....check out our chunker

That night my Dad, Step Mom, little sister Olivia, little sister Ashley and nephew Brayden came over and we grilled out. And Mom and Step Dad stopped by later too. We are ONE happy family:) It's actually really nice how well everyone gets along and how we can all hang out like that. We grilled burgers and brats...I made party potatoes....and we watched the US Open. There were also some fireworks action in the backyard that I'm sure made us the topic of conversation around the neighborhood (so sorry!). Us girls gave my Dad this awesome soda making machine has wanted for his "Barage"...and, as usual I gave him a card that brought on the waterworks. We are such an emotional bunch.

We gave Jimmer a bath in the sink, everyone left and Nick and I watched a movie before heading to bed. Even though he was sick he said it was the perfect day.
SINK bath :)

We gave him his Fathers Day gift the night before in hopes you could get some use out of it! Unfortuntaely it rained so maybe this weekend! We got him a fire pit! Complete with the lighter, fire
wood, and lighting fuel. We have an old one that we never use and this was much needed. Cannot wait to set it up in our backyard and spend some summer nights out there!
Watching the US Open before bed


Every other Saturday is our downtown Farmers Market and one of my favorite summer morning things to do! The first one Nick and I went with Jimmer and it was packed!! It was the first one and so beautiful out so I figured it would be. We got coffees, pushed Jimmer in the stroller, listened to the live music and checked out the local vendors. SO much fun!

Enjoying the Farmers Market :)

Checking himself out...

Listening to some music downtown

This past Saturday Nick was too sick so Jimmer and I went with my Mom:) Another nice day and we had a great time. Nick said he can't wait for the next one so he can go! Going to get some sweet corn for sure!
Sat in the shade to eat breakfast!

I have been so good about consistantly running lately. The Nike Plus Ipod thing I have for my shoe is amazing and is the reason I have been so good about sticking with it. I know once I plug my ipod into the computer, it will update my runs. If I don't run, nothing will update or if I skip days the weekly planner shows nothing. I also love that at any time I can check my time, pace, distance etc as I run. I am also doing a lot of strength training and core work and for the first time monitoring my results. I have never watched what I eat because I love food and cannot give it up. That being said, I am trying to make healthier choices and am more aware of what I'm putting into my body. I still eat everything I've ever have before...I just make sure to throw in my fruits and veggies and protein too! win win!

I also am signing up for my first 5K. It's no secret that I hate distance running. I love a good hard workout...but I am more the fast and intense workout person than the slow and steady 10 miles (omg never!). I haven't ran a "race" since the 400 Hurdles at State Track my senior year in high school. Because sprinting races aren't an option for me in my adult world...I would love to do a 5K just to see if I would even like it or how I would feel doing one. July 4th there is a 5K downtown that I'm 93.7% sure I'm going to do. My downfall is starting out too hopefully I can get that under control so I don't die. Hoping I actually go through with it :)
"Check out my guns!"

*Tomorrow....PICTURE post:)

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  1. I love road races! 5K's are a blast and not hard at all. YOu'll do great! I love 10k's and did my first half marathon this year!