Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photo Weekend Wrap-Up

Our Weekend in Photos:

Saturday Nick and I were able to go out and meet up with some friends. We put Jimmer down at 8 pm and then my sister and nephew came over to our house while we went and saw some live music. I am so much more relaxed when I know I've put Jimmer down and will be gone when he's sleeping. We met up with some friends and ended up dancing A LOT (this is not something Nick usually engages in) and having a blast.

Nick and Winston...."Hey spilled" :)
Nick and I taking a break from dancing...SO FUN!

Mothers Day Pedicures:)

In honor of Mothers Day...Jimmer let me take a few pictures of him in his adorable outfit....

My handsome boy

He loves chewing on these shoes!

...and his own

Daddy face....

Every time Jimmer plays in the living room under his activity mat he makes his way to this wedidng picture of Nick and I. I'm doing a photo wall in this room so they are on the floor...but it's so sweet how he always makes his way to this picture...

More fun with Mom and Dad on Mothers day....(he scratched his face:() is Jimmer gearing up for his Army Crawl across the floor at MiMi's house.....for those of you into Yoga...he's a natural

And he is before heading to my friend Amy's baby shower..I love his little outfit

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  1. Your son is so cute and holy moly you were a gorgeous bride. I can see why he loves that picture of mommy and daddy. I look forward to following along with you guys!