Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fitness and Jimmers Week through a Cell Phone

Fridays are my treadmill/weights day. Lately it's been so windy outside it's difficult to even run straight outside I love Fridays because it's my summers hours day and I get to meet Nick and Jimmer at the gym...DOUBLE bonus! Thought I'd share my workout for the's an interval workout that I really liked. The workout takes 25 minutes and I set my incline at 1.0 and kept it there the whole run.

 Interval Treadmill Workout

3 minutes - Warm Up - 4.0
2 Minutes - 6.5
2 Minutes - 8.0
2 Minutes - 6.5
2 Minutes - 8.0
2 Minutes - 6.5
1 Minute - 8.5
2 Minutes - 6.5
1 Minute - 8.5
2 Minutes - 6.5
30 Seconds - 9.0
2 Minutes - 6.5
30 Seconds - 9.0
3 Minutes - Cool Down - 4.0

So there you have it. After I ran I was going to do some upper and lower body work but I ran out of time. So I did some core work and we left:)

And for the best is my Jimmer Jack via cell phone him love him love him love him:

Catching some Sunday morning Cartoons with his cousin Brayden


He does tihs now that he has bottom teeth

After a trail walk with MiMi and run for Mommy

"It takes serious work to look this good...."
 And here are both some eating adventures...and what follows them....

"Carrots were good...bring on DEM PEACHES"

"Ohhhh that's good"

"Great meal Mom...let's hit up the activity mat to work off these calories"
 AND THIS IS WHAT FOLLOWS...Jimmers Poop Faces....
Step 1: The build up and initial push's coming...

Step 2: The "statue" face...this is where he completely freezes and stops playing with any toys and just stares...intense concentration

Step 3: "Oh that was a big one" face...the finale

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and weekend :)

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