Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Pool Trip, "Dada" & 4 Week Challenge

What an incredible week and a half we've had. Jimmer has slept through the night for ALL OF THEM. He goes to bed around 8 pm every night and wakes up around 6 am (sometimes later, sometimes a little earlier)...eats a 9 ounce bottle and then goes back to sleep until somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 am. He is starting to take 2 naps sometimes instead of 3 and sleeping longer for those naps. I am feeling much more is Nick!!

All ready for handsome:)
We also have a chatter box!! When he's tired or when he's done with his bottle and just playing with it he will say "Dadadadadadadadadada" over and over again. Nothing sounds better than that little voice. And I know Nick is thrilled that he's saying "Dada" even though he still has no idea what he's saying. Nick of course says this is because he's his favorite (hardly) :)

Aside from talking we have a crawling, rolling, clapping, kicking 6 1/2 month old that I fall more in love with everyday (I know..broken record) but it's so true. Nick said it best last week when he said "he has just brought so much joy to our lives"...very true.

Jimmer also had his first pool experience last weekend. One of my best friends Ashley called and invited us to the pool. It was an experience that's for sure. Jimmer hated the cold water and the sun shining in his face isn't his first choice. But I know once the pools warm up he will LOVE it. He loves water.

Not a Fan

Playing with Ashley

He looks like an old fat man:)

"This is more my style....milk cocktail please!"

"life of luxury"

As for me, I created and have started a 4 week Challenge for myself that I have actually stuck with for the first week and a half. I am a list maker, those of you who know me know this. So I wrote down all of the things I wanted to do every week and made a chart and calendar so I could check them off each time I did them. I made them all very simple and realistic so that I would stick with them. I have the nike+ thing for my ipod that sends all my runs to the nike+website. I love this because it documents each run, my distance, calories, time etc. It completely holds me accountable. Weights, treadmill incline workouts, daily core workouts and squats, daily vitamin, and drinking more water are all included too. In one week I already feel better. I am hoping to try and tackle my first 5K. As a sprinter, this seems like the longest distance ever to me! HAHA! (Won't be running any marathons in my lifetime). I also need to figure out a good pace....I have a terrible habit of taking off TURBO style and feeling like I'm going to die. I'm too competitive to stop or slow down and by the time I finish 2 miles am SPENT! Hoping I can slow my pace down so I can run 3 or 4 miles at a time! Altough I must admit...get a quick 2 mile run in is definitely more my style. The other night Jimmer and I went to the trail with my mom and she pushed him while I ran....I thought I was going to die! Hoping tonight goes better! I would like to aim for about a 7:10-7:30 pace for now. The other night I ran my first mile in 6:46 and by 1.5 miles I was ready to stop. I need to just slow down to a comfortable pace so I can get 3-4 miles in.

I am so looking forward to this weekend....we are going to Des Moines to see my best friend Morgan, her husband Jay and their 2 precious little boys. Carter will be 3 in just a few weeks and Kaden is just 8 weeks younger than Jimmer:) Following Des Moines we are going to Davenport to see Nicks grandparents, my sister in law and my beautiful nieces! Very fun weekend...will update next week on all of it:)

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