Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So I was off and Jimmers 6 Month appointment isn't until I will update then.

Today I'm lazy and just going to update some cell phone pictures of my handsome boy:

Sophie the Giraffe...I heard so much about this thing and my Mother (MiMi) pulled the plug on this $22.00 teething toy (insane) that I've seen on every blog..I will works wonders so maybe worth the money!

On a walk! :)

My morning picture text last week...:) favorite!
Passed out..check out that DOME!
Heading to the Gym with Daddy....Nick spells his name "Gymmer" since he's there so much!
Hanging with Bailey and happy as can be....

Mister loves the grass
Dancing in his new shoes...
The other day we went to the park down the street from our house.....we put him in the swing to see how he liked it and to my surprise he absolutely loved it. Belly laughed and kicking and flailing his arms and legs in was the sweetest thing to watch..he loved when we would initially push the swing when he was going highest:

"What's this? And why did I have to wait 6 months to do it?"

"Hi Mom"

"You see that guy on the monkey got skills"

"Doing the nervous poop"

"I love the wind in my hair(s)"

That's it for excited for my first Mothers Day this weekend....for Jimmers 6 Month appointment on Monday.....and for his 6 Month pictures on Tuesday....:)

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