Friday, May 4, 2012

The Best Advice....


Since the moment we announced our pregnancy...advice has been thrown at me in every which direction. "Don't get the epidural"....""Get him on a schedule right away"..."Don't put him on his belly to sleep"..."Start with Veggies first"...."Wake him up before you go to bed for a bottle"...."Don't use a nightlight".....and SOOO much more. I love all of it...I really do. I love hearing how others did things and what worked for them and have found I too will give soon to be first time mommies my two cents. I listen to everyone and then Nick and I make our own decisions based on what works for us. But the advice that really sticks isn't the advice about the right and wrong way to get your child to sleep, eat, or interact. Here is the advice that I'm sure every Mom...breastfeeding and not....disposable diaper users or cloth....jarred baby food or homemade.....all of us can agree on: 

1. Make time for your husband....go on dates frequently: This one is so important I think. There's no shame in having fun together and remembering what got you to where you're at now. I used to feel guilty when Nick and I would do something and leave Jimmer with someone....I recently read a blog of a Mother of 3 girls ages 7, 3 and 4 months and her and her husband go out almost weekly. It doesn't make you a bad parent and I think the best marriages remember to have some fun! My Grandma Vanover told me not to forget about Nick and that her and my Grandpa went out every week (They had 4 kids!) I loved this advice and it's paid off. "In everything, put your marriage first. By giving it all the attention it needs, your children will get all they need" (another wonderful daily calendar quote:))
2. Accept that you will Make Mistakes: I remember being so concerned when I would hear this because I wanted to think that I would be the perfect Mother...that if there was anything in life I would do to perfection it would be this. Here I am 6 months later...and it's just not the case. Small things like giving him his bottle too cold or being too tired to change his middle of the night diaper (which leads to messy sheets!) the bigger things like walking his head into our bedroom door (whoops!). I've screwed up and I will continue to screw up...but I do know that I will love him to perfection.
  3. Find Time for Yourself: Currently, I only have one child, and this is already difficult. So for those of you Mothers that have 2,3,4 +...I cannot imagine this is an easy task. Going to work out, watching my DVR'd shows, seeing a movie with a friend...these moment where I do somethign for me are so good for my sanity. I usually end up thinking and/or talking about Jimmer the entire time but I do enjoy the little bits of "me" time. A lot of times this is just after I put Jimmer to sleep and I curl up on the couch with my glass of wine or tea and a few DVR shows. This one is also possible because I have an incredibly baby savvy husband. Him and Jimmer could spend weeks together without Nick having a panic or concern, and knowing what to do for every situation. He can do everything that I can except pump. Because of this I'm able to sneak away to the gym or out to dinner with a friend. I'm very thankful for him.
 4. The internet was never a Mother: I am a vacuum when it comes to information. I read a lot of books, follow a lot of blogs, and use the internet daily for the questions, concerns, and random ideas that pop into my head. But no matter how many bits of information I pick up along the way...I have to remember that it's not the ONE and ONLY way to do things. And my personal experiences and struggles along the way often times teach me more than anything I read.
 5. You Won't Remember Life Without him: Without a doubt. Sometimes I think about where I was 5 or 10 years ago and how I had no idea what God had planned for me...and how he was going to bless my life with this little person who would turn my world upside down in all the best possible ways.
6. You will change how you do everything: Aside from the daily schedule that completely changes what time I run errands, workout, clean the house etc. Even the things that come out of my mouth, the advice I give, the way I treat people...all of it...I consider the example I will be for Jimmer. I so badly want him to be a wonderful and good person.
 7. Every stage is your favorite stage: At first I was so sad every time a month went by thinking "he'll never be this small" or "he'll never wear those little pants again"....but I am finding every month I enjoy just as much if not more than the last. 

 8. You begin to function normally on little sleep: The first few weeks I felt like a an out of body experience of fatigue, burning eyes and exhaustion. It doesn't phase me at all now. I can pick up Jimmer, feed him and put him down for a nap, clean, cook dinner, and go workout on half the sleep I used to get.
 9. You have a whole new level of respect for your parents: Seeing how much time and effort and responsbility it takes to be a your whole world begins and ends with these little people...makes me realize just how much my parents really have loved me from the day I was born. We don't remember our parents doing the diaper changes, midnight feedings, soothings, lullabies, and baths. And I now know they had that "My heart could burst" feeling for me as I do for Jimmer.

 10.You can never spoil a child with too much love:
And even if you could I would spoil him all day every day. I can never thank God enough for him.

IN OTHER...lighter news.....Nick came home the other night with a big basket of toys and clothes and other goodies. He said one of his truck drivers dropped it off at his office (Nick is a Fleet Manager and manages 100 different trucks and drivers). This basket had all sorts of goodies in balance shoes...chaps clothing...stuffed animals and other toys.... it was so sweet and thoughtful. One shirt was this thick flannel shirt that was A. Almost too Small and B. too hot for Nick gets this brilliant idea to cut the sleeves off of it and turn our Jimmer into a hillbilly....we laughed at the idea but I didn't think too much of it. I get to work the next day and mid morning I get two picture text messages of this:


Jimmers also seconds from crawling...I'm pretty sure he already has in his crib but is waiting to bust out his new trick for us later when he thinks it's the right time...
And finally....another baby Nick and Jimmer mini Nicholas:)
Nick - 6 Months Old

Jimmer 5 1/2 Months Old


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