Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekend to remember!

I have so many things I want to blog about I had a hard time figuring out which to do first! Over the next few days I'll blog about Jimmer turning 5 months old (sad:() and a special visit from my girlfriends from Upper Iowa!! For now, I'll cover our incredible weekend we had.

Friday our friends Danny and Amanda had their wedding reception in Rock Island, IL. They were married last month in Jamaica and we couldn't wait to celebrate with them. Jimmer stayed at MiMi's and we had a nice night out with a LOT of dancing. I always love wedding receptions because it is the only time Nick will dance..and boy did he ever! HAHA!

Dad, Clint and Nick....looking good guys

Jen and I

We matched...and didn't plan it

Dad and I

Nick and the Groom!

Love these guys

The newlyweds..Amanda looked beautiful and I loved her dress

Nick and I were sore the next day from was so fun:) Not sure what dance move I'm trying to master here..I think this is when they played old 90's rap and Nick and I were saying all the words to Nellys "Ride Wit Me"...before that it was Regulators :)

Our Saturday started off with us getting up to head back to Cedar Rapids (I was SO ANXIOUS to see my buddy)....when we were just 5 miles out from Iowa City my Dad's engine basically exploded. Wouldn't be a roadtrip without something like that huh!??! Althought stressful, we all had a good laugh about it. Saturday Nick and I hung out at home with Jimmer and then went to visit my Grandma Faas. She is such an incredible lady. I love going to her house because the moment I step inside I can "smell my childhood" if that makes any sense. Aside from the food that is ALWAYS cooking, the overall scent in that house just takes me back. Having Jimmer there is special for me because the house and the amazing people who've lived there mean so much to me. Jimmer got to sit on Grandmas lap and loved touching her face. Nick and I sat and talked with her and then ate dinner. She always whips something up even though every time I tell her not to go to the trouble. Can't say I complain once I'm eating her amazing cooking:) Even though my Grandpa went to live with Jesus almost 16 years ago, I still feel him all around me in that house. I can see him reading the bible to me in the blue chair, sitting across from me at the kitchen table, or playing tricks on me on the front porch. I will be sure to share all those memories with Jimmer as he grows older. Goes to show how great of an influence he and my Grandmother have had on me. Very thankful and so glad that Nick and Jimmer get to be a part of it.

Jimmer and Great Grandma Faas

He just loved her...kept petting her face :)

Saturday evening after Nick and I had put Jimmer down for the night I got to meet my fabulous friend and her boyfriend out for dinner at Cibo for her birthday. We were there several hours talking and celebrating Bailey being born! I had a great time. Happy Birthday Bails!

Easter far my favorite Holiday. Everything it represents and celebrates makes for a very emotional and humbling day for me. We woke up Sunday morning and before Jimmer was awake I made cupcakes and scotheroos to take to my Mom's later that afternoon. Then my boys got up and we had coffee (Jimmer had a bottle:)) and breakfast. My Dad, Step Mom and sister met us at our house for Church and off we went. I was really excited that they came with us to our Church. I knew my little sister Olivia would love it because there are a lot of kids her age and the youth group is great. The Church service was so incredible. One of the best Easter services I've been to. I was so emotional! They had a huge choir and violins and horns and they were mashing up old hymns with new songs and I thought they did a great job. Jimmer went to the nursery and enjoyed jumping in the jumperoo!

Cousins :)

This is one of my favorite pictures ever...:)

Brayden and Jimmer with their Auntie Olivia

My handsome boys after Church

Family photo at our Church...Jimmer is missing a shoe!?!?

After the amazing Easter Service

Take and Jimmer were conversing


Getting some love from Daddy while watching The Masters

Jimmer kisses with his mouth open...a habit I will be sure to break before he gets older :)

After Church we went to my Moms for an AMAZING she outdid herself for sure! Cheesy potatoes, homemade noodles, ham, cheesy broccoli, rolls, corn...the works. She does such a great job. Nick couldn't wait to get there and "grub".. he talked about it all morning. We hung out with the family for a while and gave my nephew Brayden his basket and then went on home. That night we took a walk around the neighborhood and pushed Jimmer to get him some fresh air, put him to sleep, and then watched our favorite "I Survived" until finally calling it a night.

Probably one of the best weekends I've ever had. Very happy.

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