Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UIU girls reunion

Monday I took work off so that I could spend the day with some of my Peacock Gals! We hadn't all been together since Sara and Cords wedding which was the weekend after Nick and I' since November 13th, 2010!! We were so excited and Jimmer got to meet these important ladies too:) We went to lunch at the ID, had margaritas at The Moose, picked Jimmer up from daycare, sat and chatted over Strawberry Daiquiries, ordered Chinese, watched Dancing with the Stars, and ended by watching Bridesmaids. Perfect Girls Day. We decided we want to take a girls trip next year sometime...although....we are HOPING somebody will be pregnant (NOT ME by the way).

Here are some pictures of our fun day..Jimmer loved these pretty girls...he's such a flirt!

something smelled...had to check things out

Look at that face...he's feeling studly

JoJo and Sara told us about a way to find out how many kids you're having and the sex of them using needle, thread and a pencil.....we all did it....even my Mom and it ended up being right for her (2 girls)...according to this I will have 2 more children..BOTH girls! We shall see:)

So good to see them:)

As I've gotten older I realize just how important all of my friendships are. It's hard with all of our day to day lives to find these times so I cherish them when we do. What a great group of girls I met when I became a Peacock:)

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