Friday, April 27, 2012

Mommy/Jimmer In Home Photo Shoot

I have always been a picture taker...but since Jimmer I think the camera is attached to me at all times...I don't want to miss anything. Last week him and I were just hanging out and I started taking pictures... it turned into A LOT of pictures. Here are SOME of them....Jimmer and I's mini photo shoot. :) It was almost nap time so he's sleepy and as the pictures go on you can tell he is over me and my ridiculous camera that's always in his face. :)

                          explain how much I love this little person...
                          imagine life before him or without him.....

Nick text me the other day after we were talking about how we miss this or that about Jimmer when he was smaller.... and said "How sad do you think it will be when we know we've had our last kid and we will never have these young stages again"...cue LUMP IN's so true though.

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