Monday, April 2, 2012

March Date Night!

So Nick and I had our first Date Night since Jimmer was born. We have been out other times but never just the two of us and never without Jimmer waiting for us at home. That's right..Jimmer had his first all night over night without me. Granted, he was around the corner at my Mom's (his MeMe's house). Nick and I decided we need to do this once a month because we had such a great night together. We sure did miss our Jimmers though.

The night started at the Field House where we watched most of the Final Four Game between Kentucky and Louisville. I do not see anybody beating Kentucky but stranger things have happened. We then left for dinner at our favorite restaurant Osaka. Pricey but worth it and a place we go for special occassions. We had a gift card from Christmas that we hadn't used yet so this seemed like the perfect time. We go there so often that we always chit chat with the owner when we go. This time we didn't make a reservation thinking it was early enough to get in easy..WRONG. Thankfully the owner Michael squeezed us in and we had a table all to ourselves (it's a Japanese Grill place where you usually sit with 8-10 other people). We felt kind of silly sitting there just us two when every other table was full...oh and doing sake bombs with the chef...but it was so fun and SOOO GOOD.

We had to eat fast because we had tickets to Theatre of Cedar Rapids "THe Wedding Singer" downtown. I was so excited for this because Nick had not been to the new renovated theatre. It is is so incredible...from the design to the lighting to the seating lounge and bar that was added. The show was incredible and it was something completely different than what we usually do which I loved. We laughed a lot and even stayed a little after for the 80's karaoke in the lounge/bar area. I had done shows with quite a few people in the cast so it was fun to talk with them and it actually  made me really miss performing....maybe time to audition for another show!?!? Of course that all depends on my little man. Not sure if I could make time for that right now.
I had to work early in the morning on Sunday (which I overslept for slightly and had a mini PANIC attack) we stopped at RG books and then went home where we scarfed down our Osaka left overs and went to bed. I half way think I overslept because for the first time since November 5th, I got an uninterrupted night of sleep. November 6th I was in labor all night and didn't sleep at all, had Jimmer on November 7th and since then sleep has become a distant memory.

I couldn't wait to get home from work and see Jimmer. Nick picked him up from my Moms around 9:30 am. All three of us spent the day together at home until we grilled out at my Dads that evening. Jimmer and I took an hour and a half nap together which was very much needed and I love waking up with his snotty toothless face in mine:) Nick did some yardwork too:)

Also Saturday morning, our friends Ashley and Quinn stopped by for a bit. Quinn is 8 months old and one of Jimmers "arranged Girlfriends" :) She is the sweetest thing and has the prettiest hair!! I LOVE IT! She was rolling and crawling all over the place and Jimmer was quite impressed with these skills. They will grow up together...whether or not they fall in love is still pending.

Quinn is thinking "These activity mats are so 3 months ago"

Look at these two sweethearts...I love Quinns face:)

Holding Hands...Quinn looks like she's defending Jimmer

"A little privacy please"

"Jimmer this is such a blast...facebook me later"

This coming weekend we are going to set up the high chair and pack away the swing and bouncy seat:( Jimmer has decided he is too advanced and mature for these things. He now holds his own bottle, can sit for small periods on his own and for long periods with pillows on either side of him, talks up a storm and has this new machine gun like sound he makes constantly, rolls all over the place, grabs his feet and has diaper, and EVERYTHING he gets his hands on goes straight into his mouth. Oh and he loves his Rice Cereal that he gets nightly before his bath. In a few weeks we start solids! :) He's now eating 7 six ounce bottles a day and I'm pumping just enough. Anxious for him to eat solids so he will cut back on bottles! For a while I was thinking I'd have to supplement his night bottle with formula but we only have 3 weeks left until solids so I think we will make it without having to. Either way..we have quite the eater on our hands.
I'm pretty sure our little chunk gains a pound a day! haha!
Daddy is SOO good at getting Jimmer down for his naps:)

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