Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A bunch of Randomness....

Well we have hit a hurdle and milestone with Jimmer really starting to teeth! It wakes him at night and breaks my heart. The other night he woke up and I went in to find him on his back clutching onto his blanket that was shoved in his mouth. He gave me this look like "CAN YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLEASE??" Teething tablets, Baby Orajel, Cold Teething Rings, and a cold wash cloth for him to chomp on have all worked at different times. Most of the day he has his bottom lip sucked in, his fist in his mouth, chewing on different toys, or has hit whole hand in his mouth. I can finally feel the bottom two. It will be so weird seeing him with little teeth here soon.

He also loves to play! We have to watch him at all times now because he rolls all over the place and gets into stuff! He's such a show off....

PEAS!! We started Jimmer on solids other than cereal this past week and he seems to love them. I mixed the peas with the cereal which he liked better than the following day when I gave the Peas to him straight.  We did a few days with the peas, waited a few days and then tried green beans....NOT HIS FAVORITE! PIctures below show is disgust with the beans! We are going to keep this process up of a few days trying something new, 3 days off, until he's tried just about all the fruits and veggies. 

We have a tv watcher! He loves cartoons. He will sit for 30 or more minutes watching. It's great when we need to get something done around the house or hop in the shower etc. My friend Morgan told me that Nick Jr will be my favorite babysitter and I'm beginning to see what she was talking about. That being said...he will not be a kid who sits in front of the TV all day long. I can still hear my parents yelling "go play outside!"

Fun New Facts About Jimmer:

*He is so much more alert and in tune now - He gets easily distracted when we are feeding him and is so curious! Nick always teases him and calls him NOSEY!
*He holds his own bottle..we hand it to him and he grabs it and puts in his own mouth. SO NICE he does this.
*Sits up on his own!! This is nice:)
 *Can play for 20 minutes without becoming bored
*He is days...possibly moments away from crawling
*He is a great napper!
*He is very very active..his new thing is stomping his legs/feat and now his hands are going too (video below)
*He has HUGE hands...nothing new but I am really starting to notice them
*He grows out of his clothes what feels like every week...bye bye 6 month clothing.
 I can't get over how good of a baby he is and how happy he is. I'm trying to take it all in because surely we won't be this lucky with the next one. I wish I could hang out with him all day.


This past Sunday Nick had to work all day so JImmer and I got up and ate breakfast and headed to Church at 9:30 instead of our usual 11 am time. I took Jimmer to the nursery and sat all my lonesome:) I actually really enjoyed the hour sitting alone. It was an amazing worship cantada...all singing. The theme was being thankful and I felt myself becoming overwhelmed and emotional thinking of all that I am thankful for. It was also about being thankful in tragedy and hard times when it's the hardest to be that way. I text Nick and told him I couldn't wait to tell him about it. A great start to my Sunday. I'm so glad we've found a Church we love.
Some play time before Church

Always has those hands in his mouth

Time for Church!
Some other randomness..... a picture from our little reunion back to Upper Iowa...our visit to Davenport to see Jack and Dolly....and some other pictures of Jimmer Jack.....

Jimmer and Grandma Dolly....we threw that hat on him to be silly...Nick HATES it says "he looks like a dork..poor guy take it off"

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