Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have this blog for 2 reasons...One is so that our friends and family who do not live near us can keep up with our lives and watch Jimmer grow (especially for Nicks family who lives in Louisiana)....The other is to document everything that is happening with Jimmer from month to month for us to look back on (another blogger was kind enough to share that you can turn your blog into a book so that you can keep it forever to look back on..will DEFINITELY be doing that). idea to make the blog private just didn't work out. It was too difficult for some of our family to see the blog and for those who weren't regular computer users, it was too confusing to create a gmail address. Some family were unable to see it and rather than try to talk them all through it, I just made it public again. I have found I can block the strangers that send strange messages/comments which gives me a little piece of mind. I was kind of looking forward to sharing more personal stories and experiences with the private setting but I can just get over it:)

Moving on...this weekend we went to Nicks grandparents in Davenport. Jack and Dolly are such an important and big part of our lives. Since Nick and I started dating over 5 years ago, we have regularly been spending weekends and/or weeks at what has since been named J & D's. We chat and sing karaoke and camp out in their back yard during fair week in August. I have some of my favorite memories in this house and I remember really falling in love with Nick when I saw what an incredible relationship he shared with Jack and Dolly. I feel so fortunate to have grown up with the Grandparents I was born with and to marry into such incredible ones as well. I now look at them as my own Grandparents and love them more than they probably even know.This is also the place where I really became comfortable with singing in front of people and gave me the confidence to start auditioning and performing again. We have had many late night singing sessions in their basement:) We see them a TON even with them being an hour + away. Also..Nicks sister Kenzie was and is in town visiting so we have been able to spend some quality time with her. She has been such a huge help around the house and with Jimmer!! I come home to a clean house every day and I know Jimmer is in great hands....he has spent so much time with her over the last week and you can tell he knows exactly who she is:)

Also.....Nicks Great Jimmers Great GREAT Grandmother is 93 years old and still living on her own. It blows my mind that Dolly's Mother and my Mother in Laws Grandmother is still alive and well. What an incredible blessing:) I took a few pictures of Jimmer with his Great Great Grandma Peggy...don't think too many people can say they even have ever met their Great Great Grandparents.

Great Great Grandma Peggy and Jimmer

Dolly and her Mother Peggy...With Kenzie and Jimmer..granddaughter and great granddaughter ...and great grandson and great great grandson..check out Jimmers face HA!

Here are a few more pictures from our fun filled weekend at J & D's....A couple of Nicks friends from growing up came over and everyone sang Karaoke and chatted...Nick was cracking everyone up with his sombrero! And check out his MOUNTAIN MAN beard (his wife wishes that would go away:))






We also got to see one of Nicks oldest friends Paul..aka...Coop Dogg. They grew up together, went to the same Church and played on the same basketball team growing up. Him and his wife have a son Cutler who is 6 months older than Jimmer....we loved watching them together!

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