Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Larson Live

Here are a few videos I took of Jimmer over the last week or so. Tomorrow I'm going to blog about the lifesaver of a book that COMPLETELY changed Jimmers sleep schedule and has made our lives so much easier. I am so thankful for Morgan for giving it to me and I cannot get over how well it really does work and how our lives this week compared to last week have changed because of it.

Also...I just have to point out that I am more amazed at the father Nick is every day. Jimmer lights up when he sees him and Nick, who is not a patient person in every day life, is completely calm and attentive with him. Our little guy is definitely a Mamas AND a Daddys boy...he is such a happy baby and Nick and I spend all day bbm'ing or emailing about him. This weekend Nick and I have "date night" and our Jimmer is staying the night away from us for the first time (around the block at my Moms:)). We've been out other times but this is the first time where Nick or I won't be the ones to get up with him. I am actually really looking forward to our night out together....will blog about that afterwards:) Anyway...here are some videos of our growing boy...he's not a happy camper in the last one!

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