Monday, March 19, 2012


Last week I could tell Jimmer was getting sleepy while he was playing. He was sitting on the couch with his Monkey blankey and his dog protector Yogi was sitting above him. He was cracking me up becuase he was just looking at me and I could tell he was super tired.....this was the series of events....

"I'm not tired at all Mom"

"These are not sleepy eyes"

"Yogi and I are just taking a break"

"Ok maybe a little sleepy...."

"Don't let me close my eyes..."

"Maybe just a cat nap"

He gave up:)

I just love that little Mister.

Also, because Jimmer eats six 6 oz bottles a day and has doubled his birth weight, we decided to start him on rice cereal. HE LOVES it....and is finally figuring out how to keep it in his mouth.
Ready for his very first bite...and VERY confused

Getting some cereal action at J & D's

Still confused....

This is the face he makes when he's DONE eating

Yup..he's done

On Wednesday I'll post about our Saint Patricks Day! I cannot get over how beautiful of a day it was:)

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