Thursday, March 8, 2012


Jimmer is officially 4 MONTHS old....a third of the way to a year already:( I am amazed at how incredibly fast my life has started to go since becoming a Mommy. It's the most rewarding experience and every day I think I can't love him more than the day before...until the next day comes. He has made me a better person in just the short amount of time he's been with us. It is a different kind of love than I have ever known in my entire life and I have never been so thankful.

Here is his 4 month photo shoot....It's amazing how many pictures I think are neccessary when he's sitting in the same outift and in the same chair. Pictures galore!

"Who wants a piece" 

My chubster

"I'm so nervous for my appointment tomorrow"

"Is that a bottle over there?"

"Let me tell you a little something about myself..."

I just love him:)

Attempt at his Zoolander face

"I just want another 2 ounces Mom...."

The "I'll get anything I want with this face"

"I'll be here all week"


Height:25 1/4 (54th percentile) If I had to guess..this will continue to climb...Nick is 6'3 and I am just under 5'8..right now he is the cutest short fat baby :)

Weight: 15 lbs 4 ounces (46th percentile) Thought he was going to be much chubbier! He has doubled his weight exactly (7 lbs 7 ounces at birth)

Head Circumference: 43 1/2 (94th percentile) HUGE head...big brain right? Nick and I had a good laugh when they said the percentile..big ol noggin!

Diapers: Size 2 during the day...Size 3 at night

Clothing:6 Months

I gave him a mohawk this day:)

Personality: Jimmer is so incredibly happy. I didn't realize just how happy of a baby he was until other people started commenting about his happy temperament. He is  always so smiley:) Because this is our first child I didn't know anything different. But I have come to find out our little guy is a very happy little man.

Eating: Somebody is a porker!!! I am still exclusively breast feeding by pumping and Jimmer eats around 6 6oz bottles a day...that's a LOT of pumping! He recently has recognized the bottle and grabbed at it and tried pulling it towards his mouth. I am going to start introducing cereal here soon. The pediatrician told me to go ahead and start because of his weight and  how much he is eating...I'm hoping that once cereal and  eventually other solids are a regular part of his diet, the number of bottles will decrease by one or two.

Sleeping: Oh boy. Well there for a while he was sleeping like a champ...6 or 7 hours at a time every night, waking to eat and then back to sleep for 5 more. Then he reverted back to every 3 hours as he had as a newborn. This is since over but we are still not back to where we were. He usually goes down anytime between 9 and 10. He will then sleep 4 1/2 - 6 1/2 hours straight...wake for a feeding....and then sleep 4-5 more...wake for a feeding and then , depending on the time, he will go back to sleep until about 9 am- 10 am. HOWEVER...there have been a few times he wakes up 2 or 3 hours after going down. I think this is from his daily routine of eating every 3 hours. What is working is giving him 1/2 an ounce to an ounce of food and then putting him back down and patting him. When he wakes up this early he is not hungry and is need of nothing...this has only happened a few times. I would be lying if I said I wasn't exhausted. At work I can barely keep my eyes open. NIck and I have a new system where I take M-W-F and he takes T-TH. Weekends we just kind of take turns. Of course on Nicks nights he sleeps MUCH better than mine, Go figure. Even when we do have to get up..Jimmer eats...and goes right back to messing around. So we're only up 10-15 minutes when he does need to eat.

Likes: His monkey stuffed animal,his jumperoo, his HANDS, watching baskteball, tubby time and his Mommy and Daddy!

Jimmer LOVES the are a few videos of him last night in the tubby after another one of his blowouts....a new reacurring thing in our house:

The monkey stuffed animal is particularly special. Nicks Mom had this made for him. It has Nicks baby blanket sewn into it as the liner. Jimmer has it with him at ALL times and it's always in his mouth. You can see in some of the other pictures he's in the background somewhere. I secretly hope this is his favorite toy and ends up being his "blanket" because of the significance of it. I'm sure the little guy will get a name eventually. Here are a few pictures of Jimmer with his buddy.

Dislikes: Laying flat on his back for long, teething, the first 2 minutes in his car seat when getting buckled in (he's fine once his car seat is picked up and always happy in the car).

Changes: In the last week Nick and I have really noticed a change in Jimmer. For starters..he is a chubby little munchkin and I think he put on some serious tonage in the last week or two! I just love his squishy thighs. I have always loved chubby babies...apparently he's getting plenty of  milk! He also is so much more observant...he can see much farther away...he belly laughs more...oh and he has a blowout at least every other day if not more! AND THEY ARE HUGE! The sunglasses were a gift from his MeMe when she went to Florida...they are so cute! It's like a sunglass headband that wraps around the back of his head to stay on...he was very confused by them when we put them on HAHA!

His fabulous outfit from Bailey

Have a good rest of your week!!! :)

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