Friday, March 30, 2012


Ok so the post about the book and his sleeping is going to be later because I jinxed it by saying anything! He's still doing worlds better than before I read the book, but we have backtracked a little. I think he might be growing!! I will post about it sometime next week after we've been doing this same routine for 2-3 weeks:)

I have been meaning to post something about my post baby workout routine but it's kind of been changing week to week as I have been strict with Jimmers schedule. 
So for now...I'll just share a few of my favorites right now. Aside from the Hot Yoga, I don't have set times/days I do these things because Jimmers schedule is my first priority right now. But between working out when I can and breastfeeding, I am amazed at how quickly our bodies can bounce back:
HOT YOGA Wednesday was my first class of Hot Yoga at the MAC. My Mom watched Jimmer for the hour class but I can also take him to the gym daycare. This is an 8 week class. The room is super hot and we do a ton of deep stretches, breathing techniques, balance exercises and a TON of core work which I was not expecting. I absolutely loved it. I cannot believe how good of a workout this is and it's truely a nice quiet hour for me to just let go. It's so relaxing.
WALKS If the weather is right I try to get out with Jimmer and Yogi for 2 walks/jogs during the week. Nothing better than getting to look at his little smile while I workout. And then we will go once over the weekend with Nick which is my absolute favorite:)

Tush Tamer Treadmill Workout  @FoodFitandFamRUN I have stumbled upon this new amazing 30 minute running workout from another blogger that is my new favorite! I run about 3.25 miles doing it and the variation in speed and inclines makes for a great run. I have what I like to call "runners A.D.D"...when I ran track I was a sprinter because anything much longer than a minute was boring to me...and I went even further and did hurdles so I'd have something to jump over while I was running. That being said, I need a running workout that is constantly changing. This definitely is and it only takes a half hour or so. I do this one time during the week at the gym and one time over the weekend. Lately it's just been one time while I'm working with Jimmers schedule.

MOMMY WORKOUT Ok so this is hilarious but I have found it works for me. I call it my Mommy Workout because Jimmer gets to be a part of it and I dont' have to leave the house. I used to do quite a bit of free weights before I had a baby. Now..I just don't have the time with the classes I'm doing and to be honest, I try to get my workouts done so fast so I can be with Jimmer. His baby Bjorn thing is one of my favorites...he loves it and can be in it forever and loves looking maybe two times a week I'll put him in this and do squats and/or lunges around the living room LOL! I look ridiculous but I'm squating my body weight plus an extra 16 or so pounds so I can really feel the burn. And Jimmer smiles and laughs because he thinks we are playing WIN WIN!

Here are some pictures from last weekend :) Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY amazing Mother....I can only hope that I am half the mother she is to my sister and I.

And just to compare how much our little man has grown...a little throwback action. The first one is the day we left the hospital :)

And here are some celly pics:

After a tubby

Playing with Mommy...LOVES being naked

Blurry pic...but he looks so big here to me:(

Cooking dinner with Mama

Right after my hot yoga class last week

Grocery Shopping...looks at that double chin!!
 I am picking up his 3 month pictures finally today so will post those and also about Nick and I's EXCITING date night tomorrow night! Cannot wait!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Larson Live

Here are a few videos I took of Jimmer over the last week or so. Tomorrow I'm going to blog about the lifesaver of a book that COMPLETELY changed Jimmers sleep schedule and has made our lives so much easier. I am so thankful for Morgan for giving it to me and I cannot get over how well it really does work and how our lives this week compared to last week have changed because of it.

Also...I just have to point out that I am more amazed at the father Nick is every day. Jimmer lights up when he sees him and Nick, who is not a patient person in every day life, is completely calm and attentive with him. Our little guy is definitely a Mamas AND a Daddys boy...he is such a happy baby and Nick and I spend all day bbm'ing or emailing about him. This weekend Nick and I have "date night" and our Jimmer is staying the night away from us for the first time (around the block at my Moms:)). We've been out other times but this is the first time where Nick or I won't be the ones to get up with him. I am actually really looking forward to our night out together....will blog about that afterwards:) are some videos of our growing boy...he's not a happy camper in the last one!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites...

Friday Favorites....
Some pictures from the last few weeks that make me smile :) Terrible quality but I still love them. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Auntie Kenzie holding Mister

MeMe and Jimmer


My attempt to get his picture to send to Daddy

Playing with Auntie Kenzie

His rolls kill me....

Daddy is a die hard Cardinals Fan...Can you Tell??

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saint Patricks Day

So...Saint Patricks Day was fun...plain and simple. The weather was beautiful and we got to spend the morning and afternoon with some great people! Jimmer hung out with Auntie Ashley for a few hours and she took him to the parade. He wasn't really a fan because I think it was a little too warm for him so they didn't stay long. Here are some pictures of our funfilled day.

Daddy and Jimmer in GREEN

The shadow makes Nicks hair look hilarious!

The Larson boys:)

My Mom and Step Dad them<3

This picture is ridiculous.....LOL!

Clint was tired....

My friend Erin and I at the Moose

Ashley Z and I :):)

Looks like someone didn't get the memo to wear his GREEN!

Mom and I

Some of rockstar ladies I work with...and a random dude...yes completely random

Monday, March 19, 2012


Last week I could tell Jimmer was getting sleepy while he was playing. He was sitting on the couch with his Monkey blankey and his dog protector Yogi was sitting above him. He was cracking me up becuase he was just looking at me and I could tell he was super tired.....this was the series of events....

"I'm not tired at all Mom"

"These are not sleepy eyes"

"Yogi and I are just taking a break"

"Ok maybe a little sleepy...."

"Don't let me close my eyes..."

"Maybe just a cat nap"

He gave up:)

I just love that little Mister.

Also, because Jimmer eats six 6 oz bottles a day and has doubled his birth weight, we decided to start him on rice cereal. HE LOVES it....and is finally figuring out how to keep it in his mouth.
Ready for his very first bite...and VERY confused

Getting some cereal action at J & D's

Still confused....

This is the face he makes when he's DONE eating

Yup..he's done

On Wednesday I'll post about our Saint Patricks Day! I cannot get over how beautiful of a day it was:)