Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend GALORE!

Pretty laid back weekend that, as usual, went much too fast! The Larsons left on Saturday afternoon and we were sad to see them go. I hate having family live far away. It was so good for Jimmer to be around Nicks side of the family and he was certainly spoiled with love. My Mother in Law and I talked about how we swore he grew and changed in the week they were there. I got quite a few videos and pictures of Jimmer with his Nana, Papa, Auntie Whitney, Uncle Dion and cousins Rhya and Rhylee :)

Jimmer and his oldest cousin Rhya

3 Generations Picture

The Larsons boys

Jimmer and his Nana

Kim & Tina with their grandbabies

Auntie Whitney

Saturday late afternoon Nick took off for Davenport for our friend Danny's bachelor party. From the sounds of it they had a VERY good time:) So it was just Jimmer and I and we had so much fun! My friend Bailey came over for a little whlie and then Jimmer and I played with his toys, talked about our days and took a bath while listening to one of his lullaby CD's. And I just have to say...never again will I attempt to take a bath with him while he is still in his whale tub. I will either have to wait until he's a little bigger and out of that or put him in his bumbo seat next time. I had no room, his tub kept sinking so I was holding it up with my feet and it was just a big impossible mess. Jimmer had a blast and laughed and talked the whole time so at least one of us was enjoying themselves! However, after we got out of the tub he was having a rough time. I think he's starting to teeth. Between the runny nose, rosy cheeks and the pool of drool all over himself and on all my clothes, it appears he's showing early signs of teething. He was not happy! After some teething tablets and orajel he finally went down about 9:15 and stayed asleep until 3 am. (since this night he has decided night time is party time) I caught up on a few DVR episodes and went to bed shortly after.

This is Jimmers new fun toy...he loves it...but he's not quite long enough (so far we have a short and fat baby:)) I put Nicks CD case under his feet so he can touch.

Sunday we got up for Church and Jimmer looked so handsome! I had this onesie button down dress shirt from the Gap that I couldnt' wait to put him in. Nick was still gone so it was just us. It was such a nice morning and I opted to keep Jimmer out of the nursery, mostly because I wanted someone to sit with:) We learned all about the importance of the Bible and reading God's word...something that I haven't done a lot of. Pastor challenged everyone to read the New Testament and I think I'm going to do that! It was really interesting to hear him talk about how everyone follows the "WWJD" (what would Jesus do) mentatlity but how they always justify sin with "He would want me to be happy" and base it off feelings. He said it should be "WTBS" for Whats The Bible Say - that way you're not assuming or guessing what Jesus would want for you or would do but you're going off his word. It was a great sermon and I think Jimmer really got a lot out of it HA! He had my scarf and shirt in his mouth the whole time. He fell asleep on the way home and then Nick came home shortly after. When he woke up we took some pictures and got some more Jimmer time in. We also watched the Iowa/Illinois basketball game...think Jimmer will be like his Mom and Dad and love basketball:)

Handsome Boy

All ready for Church!
Watching Mommy get ready

He wasn't feeling this
This one makes me so sad....I was pumping so I couldn't hold him and put him next to me...he sobbed and sobbed for 10 minutes before passing out...look closely you can see his tears:(
AHAHAHAH little love bug
"DADS home!!!"

<3 these boys

HAHA this one cracks me up!
Kisses from Mama

His faces kill me....

Sunday night I played pick up basketball at Coe College with a group of gals who's careers have ended in the last 5-10 years. It's fun to get back out there and get up and down again. I left right at 8 so that I could get home before Jimmer went to bed. Also....I could not believe how incredibly pale I am. I gave up tanning a little over a year ago and although I love the health benefits and know it's so much better for me....I sure do miss having that golden glow! I cannot wait for warmer weather when I can atleast get a base tan. I AM GLOWING..casper style! Speaking of basketball....I think our little Jimmer already has a love for the game that brought his Dad and I together....

Watching the Iowa Game...they didn't get off to a great start:(
Still watching the game...
Hilarious...both of them are turned watching the game....:)

 Over the weekend I finally got the freezer for all the frozen milk and decided to count it! I had 218 6oz frozen milk bags on Saturday!! That's 1,308 ounces of milk for Jimmer...I'm just hoping he likes leftovers HAHA!  If I keep this up, I will be able to stop June 1st and have enough for him until his 1st birthday if not a little after. It was so funny to look at all these bags and realize I pumped all of it! We finally started using the frozen bags and now everything I pump will go into the freezer. Time to stock up on freezer bags!!


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