Friday, February 17, 2012

A Valentines Day to Remember....for good and not so good reasons!


For obvious reasons, I am filled with more love this year than all the years of my life combined. I've already mentioned how Jimmer has made me love Nick even more. We decided that for Valentines Day all we wanted to do was go out to our favorite restaurant Osaka and then possibly go to a movie or out for a bit just us two. Because of NIcks works schedule we will have to wait for a weekend and because our next 3 weekends are filled we are going to have to wait until March 10th until we can have our Valentines Day night. Can you imagine when we hvae more children!??! We'll have to schedule things out 6 months in advance!
My Valentine Boys:)
I absolutely love this little boy

Anyway...woke up the morning of Valentines Day and went into the bathroom to pump and put my make up on as usual. I could hear Jimmer starting to make some noises from his room and new Nick would be getting up to get him and feed him. Nick is not a morning person AT ALL and I could sense this morning in particular he was very tired. I finished getting ready for work and walked into our room to find both my boys in our bed all snuggled up, sleeping next to each other. I am emotional by nature so I tear up and become overwhelmed at how thankful I am for those 2 people in my life. I walk over to kiss Nick and Jimmer goodbye and whisper "Happy Valentines Day to my favorite boys". When I got downstairs there were flowers, candy and a hand written note (on my "Amanda Larson" paper) from Nick. The note said that all the cards "sucked" so he decided to write his own. It was the sweetest note I have ever received and definitely one I will keep forever. He also had a little baggy with 8 vitamin C in it with a note that said "Take 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon"'l understand why if you keep reading. I sat down and responded with a note the time I was finished I was a huge water works mess and running a little late!!

After work and getting Jimmer from the babysitter, we went to my Mom's (Jimmers Mimi) to celebrate my sisters 26th birthday...our little Valentine baby. But this also gave me an opportunity to run to Target while my Mom watched Jimmer. I had to get my sister a few birthday things and a Valentine surprise for my little nephew and for Nick. Jimmer and I got home and played, gave him a bath, he ate and went to bed. That gave me time to get together Nicks Valentines surprise. I had picked him up one of those nike ipod things that tracks your workouts/run that he had wanted. I also got him some candy and (this is hilarious) these exfoliating face wipes. I always use these when I get home to get all the makeup and dirt off my face. One night Nick said something about his face feeling dirty after work so I told him to use one and that was it...he's hooked! He loves them and loves how much easier they are then washing his face over the sink. I also picked up one of the heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphys. Usually I am in bed when he gets home about 20 after 11 pm. But tonight I stayed up so we could eat pizza, watch American Idol on our DVR, and spend a little time with him. We are night owls...but since JImmer I am more of a 10 o'clock nightowl rather than a midnight one. Right when he got home we both went up to check on Jimmer who was sound asleep. I grabbed Nicks hand and squeezed it just to show him without saying anything how grateful I am. We stayed up and watched our show and ate and he opened his gifts. I got him a card from Jimmer too :) Hands down my best Valentines Day.

The not so good thing is Jimmer and I have both been sick sick SICK! I'm not kidding when I say I've been sick 4 or 5 times since having Jimmer. I couldn't figure it out. I wondered if maybe breast feeding took my nutrients or slowed my immune system. But what I think it comes down to is exhaustion. Moms just don't sleep as much. We took Jimmer to the doctor last week for his cold so he's been fighting that. It's heartbreaking to hear him struggle to breath out of his stuffed up nose and to cough all day/night. Thankfully he is getting back to his old self. I love his humidifier in his room...both because it helps him breathe and also because it creates noise for him to sleep. Me on the other hand...I am fed up with being sick. I never go to the doctor because I am convinced I can beat everything myself (can you imagine what kind of child I was..."I can do it myself!"). Well, this time I need a little help. I think from the first time I got sick back in November I never truely got rid of it so it keeps coming back. Went to the doctor and am finally on my road to recovery. When I'm sick I just can't be as good at anything I'm a my job...a wife...anything.
HIs face kills me in this one

Showing off for Daddy...Nick sent me this pic on his phone so it's blurry

This is Jimmers New thing...he LOVES looking in the mirror:

In other news...Jimmer is now rolling over in his crib. When he wakes up to eat he's usually scooched to the other side and has flipped over to his side. Even though I'm so tired when I have to get up, his face lighting up when I peak my head over that crib is priceless. He looks so excited knowing he's about to get fed and cuddled. He usually is falling asleep by the time he's at the end of the bottle. I put him up on my shoulder to burp him and he's out cold within minutes. Yesterday we were playing and watching TV and I had him bouncing on top of my knees and he had his first real belly laugh. Not the cooing giggles or small chuckles..but a flat out belly laugh. I laughed so hard back at him which made him keep laughing. Probably my favorite moment with him so far. I grabbed the video camera...and of course it stopped. Next week I will put up a few videos. Here are some still shots of our little man.

Somebody's getting stronger!!

Minature Nicholas

My chubby little man

We love this thing!!

Visiting MiMi

Sleeping off his sickness...and exhausted after watching Daddy play basketball

This is the look he gets when I turn the bath water on...he is EXCITED for bath time

"How much longer will that water take?"

"Mom..I'm naked here....."

"Take it in ladies" :)

My new goal is to update my blog every Wednesday. I figure middle of the week is good. Sometimes I feel like what's super exciting to me (Jimmer pretty much doing anything including blinking) isn't that exciting for others. Feel free to skip over the snooze parts for you:) We have family that don't live near here so I try to keep them included with this blog! Have a great week everyone!

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