Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stuff I've learned...


Some things I've learned in 94 days.....
1. Baby farts are frequent and hilarious
2. Nothing and nobody can prepare you for the sleep deprivation
3. You will say ridiculous things and speak 3 octives higher than usual
4. Picking a babies nose, no matter what the prize, will not gross you out
5. "Blow out" takes on a whole new meaning
6. Breastfeeding/Exclusively pumping is the single most time consuming and difficult thing you will ever do
7. On the will count and recount your frozen milk bags like they are trophies
8. It will take approximately an hour longer to get ready and leave the house
9. You basically need a baby survival kit every time you go anywhere....LOTS OF STUFF
10. Turns need to put a onesie on under their clothes...especially in the winter. Thanks Mom
11. Hand sanitizer is your new best friend
12. Anything and everything they do is the "coolest" and "greatest" thing you've ever seen
13. My husband is absolutely amazing and I plan on making sure Jimmer knows how wonderful his father is for the rest of my life
14. Even when you know'll smell his diaper to take in the toxic fumes..almost like you enjoy it #sick
15. You finally understand and certainly appreciate your parents in a much different way
16. That swing was the greatest invention ever
17. Power of Prayer. . .both for the nights you think you can't go on . . . and moreso for how incredibly thankful you are.
18. When my Mother told me "constant worry" when describing parenting...she wasn't lying.
19. Nothing is better than chubby (baby) legs
20. Hot meals are a distant memory
21. Back problems start now
22. This little 14 lb baby boy will consume you...every decision...every thought
23. Your once firm and bubbly bumski will be taken by the "I just had a baby" fairy...gonezo
24. The definition of crazy = The Duggar Parents
25. Nothing prepares you for this kind of 94 days of my life...I fall more in love every day
26. You will update your facebook status and twitter more than ever for 2 reasons...1) Because you're so stinkin' proud and 2) Because you spend NUMEROUS hours a day pumping and it's about the only thing you can do.
27. It is incredible to see your friends love your baby...and makes you love their children that much more or get very excited for them to have their own!
28. Despite popular opinion - it is very much possible to exclusively pump without an ounce of supplemented formula. Oh and stock up your freezer! I will be able to stop pumping in June and still feed Jimmer my milk until he's a year old.
29. There are so many different and right ways to do things...everybody and every baby is different. Nothing you do is wrong because it's not like someone else.
30. You will not remember life without him.

A year ago at this time...we had just returned from our honeymoon. The "plan" was to start trying in the spring but God had other plans for us. March 8th of last year I discoverd I was pregnant. In the last 15 months we've became Mr. & Mrs. Larson and welcomed Jimmer Jack. What an incredible time in our lives...

11/06/10 I become Mrs. Larson

End of January 2011 - Honeymoon in Jamaica..just weeks before becoming pregnant

33 1/2 weeks Pregnant

Just weeks before we get to meet him

A couple hours old

Jimmer Jack Larson - 1 day old
4 days old

2 months old

2 1/2 months old

Being a Mother is the most challenging thing I've ever done. It literally is a 24/7 job....and a very rewarding one at that. I work 8 hours a day and pump twice in there sometime,  pick Jimmer up from daycare right after work, head home to spend as much time with him as possible and try to make myself some dinner, on Mondays I have Zumba and Wednesdays Spin Class so I have to pump, change, feed Jimmer and get us all out the door by 5:10 pm (the MAC has daycare for $10/month so Jimmer goes with me while I do my 60 minute class), feed him again, pump again, play some more with him, get his bath in, feed him again,and get him in his crib for the night. After he goes down I have to pump one last time, clean bottles, pick up the house (sometimes...usually save this for weekends), eat something again (pumping makes me more hungry and thirsty than ever), shower, and maybe get 30-40 minutes to read or watch a DVR'd show. I go to sleep around 11:30 pm after Nick gets home from work so I can at least see him briefly and talk about our days....5 or so hours later (after Jimmers been sleeping 6-7 hours) I hear him doing the hungry grunt so I get up and feed him...head back to bed only to hear the alarm several hours later at 6:30 am where I head to the bathroom to pump and do my makeup at the same time (time saver). As I'm walking out the door, 3 out of the 5 days I'll hear buddy stirring so I usually grab him and hand him to Nick where he stays with him in bed until about 9:30 am. And I'm exhausted just from typing that.

3 months and 1 day old..think somebody's gonna have green eyes like Mommy

 In other news...took him to the doctor for cough/congestion and he weighs FOURTEEN pounds...yikes! Also, Mister has rolled over and like anything else he would think he climbed a mountain. The other day he actually went from his back to his belly and continued on to his back again. Of course I video taped SEVERAL attempts at rolling over where he got within inches but when he finally completed the video camera. Figures.

 Here is our 3 month photo shoot...I got a little out of hand....

"Excuse me while I work something up..."

Is he slipping me the finger??

"Let me at em..."
"Can I PLEEEASE have some more milk..pretty please"

"That was a real knee slapper Mom" (sarcasm)

"Peace!" (in his gangsta voice)

This is just before he sneezed...cracks me up

"You said lean to the left right? Like this??"

"Is this better?"

"Stop a second.....bathroom break"

"Much Better"

Inappropriate Jimmer...although I appreciate the love for Michael Jackson

"This is getting a little ridiculous"

Catching his second wind...

"What do you say we hit up the bumbo seat after this??"

"Officially over you"


  1. Ah I love this! I seriously think you could write a book - I am making lots of mental notes on all the mommyhood things you've shared and you have such a great sense of humor about it all! What a lucky baby to have you for a mommy!