Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Louisiana Larsons Come to Town :)

Nicks family is in town from Louisiana this week :) We don't get to see much of them because of the distance so this is always a special treat. When Nick and I started dating in January of '07 they lived in Michigan where they had moved to from Davenport. Then in 2008 they moved to Louisiana. His Mom, Dad, Sister Whitney and her two girls and brother Dion all made the trip!
This was also the first time Nicks Dad was meeting Jimmer. He loved his Papa Kim:) Next week I will put up some pictures of Jimmer and Papa Kim....won't have any until Friday:)

He also got to spend a lot of time with his cousins Rhya and Rhylee. The last time they saw him he was only 3 weeks old and slept all the time so I think this time they enjoyed him much more.

My niece Rhylee is so funny. After seeing us over Thanksgiving and me with a diaper bag and baby stuff she had to have one too and got one for Christmas. So everywhere she goes this week she has this diaper bag filled with burp rags, a package of Luvs Diapers, pacifiers, hats, footsie pajamas, name it she has it all for her baby "Tinker" (she loves Tinkerbell:)).  She even set it next to Jimmers Diaper bag. Sweetest thing in the world:

Jimmer changes so much every week I feel like. He's so much fun right now and I could watch him discover new things all day. His newest discovery? HIS FEET! We also got his 3 month pictures done this past Sunday and I cannot wait to see them! I think she was able to get some really good ones of him's hoping!! I had one of my best days with him yet this past Monday. For about 2 hours straight we played and laughed and blew rasberries at each other. He grabbed at my face, belly laughed, chatted up a storm with me and made hilarious faces. I loved every second of it and even missed most of The Bachelor which is unheard of for me because I was too interested in Jimmer:)


Here are a few pictures from last weekend. I met up with a girlfriend for a few hours while my sister and nephew spent some time with Jimmer. My nephew Brayden loves the camera and wanted a few taken of himself. He attempted to take some of JImmer but all that turned out was his big ol bald head! I feel like Brayden was as small as Jimmer just this little boy and he is such a wonderful big cousin!

This weekend Nick has a bachelor party to go to in Davenport and Jimmer and I have some nagging errands to get taken care of...oil changes, goodwill drop offs, FINALLY picking up the chest freezer for all this frozen milk...we officially have NO ROOM for anything else in our freezer. Cannot believe that February has come and almost gone. Looking forward to spring:)

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