Thursday, February 2, 2012

12+ weeks....almost 3 months:)

I am so bad about keeping up with this....probably because I have come to find out that being a Mommy and taking care of Jimmer is a 24/7 job...which I love more than anything. When I'm not tending to him, I'm cleaning the house, cooking and/or eating, and if I'm super lucky catching a cat nap (we're talking 15-20 minutes).
In his bumbo seat...I just sat him in it for this picture then put him on the floor....:)

I am now back at work as of 01/23/12. Definitely a strange and guilty feeling but a good one at the same time. Missed the adult conversation and the awesome people I work with. I also actually enjoy my job and was just starting to figure things out and understand the systems more when I had to leave. Now it seems like I forgot everything! We took Jimmer to daycare a few times the week before just to get us all adjusted to the drop off/pick up system and so him and the daycare could become familiar with each other. What an absolute nightmare it is to go from being with him every second of every day to essentially leaving him at a strangers house. I sobbed when Nick and I dropped him off the first time but have since been better. He only goes for 3-4 hours a day because Nick works 2-11 pm so he keeps him in the mornings, drops him off when he goes to work out and then I pick him up at 4:15. I realize this is all a transition and that eventually won't be so heartbreaking. I know that me working allows me to give Jimmer a better life. I told Nick I can see how women decide not to go back to work but that's just not realistic. And if I were to take a job where I could take him with me to work, there would be a significant paycut involved!

We love the baby bjorn!!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly sleep deprived. Jimmers sleeping patterns kind of vary with anywhere from a 5-7 hour stretch, then I feed him followed by a 3-4 hours stretch after that. Usually he's only up one time during the night.. I try to go to sleep early but I am a night owl by nature and once he's down I have to lay out his outfit, mine, shower and pump, and clean all the bottles. We started out doing a bath every night at the same time for about a month to establish a nightime routine. Now he gets one every other night and loves it. He's recently learned how to splash water all around and is VERY proud of himself. When Jimmer does wake up to eat, there's a dim light we turn on, no talking or interacting and he eats and goes right back to sleep which is nice.

I am still exclusively breastfeeding all by pumping. This has actually turned out to be a wonderful thing. I now have somewhere around 170 frozen bags in the many that this weekend we are going to purchase a chest freezer as we have NO more room. If I keep this up then I can stop breastfeeding sometime in May or June and still feed him breastmilk until he turns one which is the goal. In order to establish a supply I have had to pump every 3-4 hours since he was born and will continue until he's 3 months old in a week. Once he's 3 months old I can space these out more which will be nice. Currently I'm pumping when I feed him EARLY early in the morning/middle of the night, before I go to work, I use the lactation room at work 2-3 times a day, when I get home from work and then once before bed. So about 6-7 times a day. Soon I will be able to go 5-6 hours between which will be nice and I'll be able to skip the early morning session. There have been a few times where I've gone 6 hours when I pump after putting him down and then again when he wakes up and it's obvious my supply is up.

I feel great other than being tired. I played basketball a few times in the last few weeks which was fun. I actually surprised myself by not completely dying. The first time was at Coe with a bunch of girls that played college ball around the area. I loved getting up and down again and at 10 weeks post partum I was excited I was able to. I did completely mess my back up however from all the jumping and pounding that my body hadn't been through since being pregnant. I figured it would get better on it's own but after playing in my high school alumni game this past weekend it's obvious something isn't right and the chiropractor needs to be called. The alumni game was super fun though. I couldn't really move much but I refused to miss it.
We got a night out with our friends Carlyn and Nick:)
I started spin class this week and am doing Zumba on Mondays. I signed Jimmer up for the daycare program at the MAC so I am able to get a few workouts in during the week. I work out for an hour and he's in the same building as me so I can look in on him from time to time. All my pre pregnancy clothes fit which is good on my wallet and I'm 2 lbs below what I was before becoming pregnant. I'm guessing with the next one it will be harder to lose the weight so I'm extremely grateful that this time it kind of fell off right away. Breastfeeding helps so much. But don't get me body is not the same. I might weigh the same but there is some toning that needs to be done which is what the classes are for.

It is unexplainable how much I love this little person. I have a hard time believing that he grew in my belly and now he's here. He has changed so much and the smile he gets when he sees Nick and I is the greatest feeling in the world. He weighs close to 13 lbs and growing like a weed! His size 2 diapers that just seemed HUGE on him seem to be getting smaller and smaller and he's in 3-6 month clothing.
We took him to the urologist this past Monday which I was curious and worried about. For lack of better words, his balls have been the talk of the family since his birth for their impressive size. At first we just thought they were like that but after visitng the pediatrician for his 2 month check up we found out that one of them had fluid in them which explained the size! HAHA:)  After doing some research I found out it's very common (about 50% of all boys have this) and happens when they drop from the abdomen. Basically when they drop some fluid gets in there. Usually this goes away but if it doesn't by the time he's one they will have to drain it (surgery EEK!). Doctor said he doesn't think it will be a problem and we will go back when he's a year to double check.  
Jimmer and His Mimi

Otherwise all is great. He cracks me up sending me into belly laughs, I think his eyes are going to be green like mine (considering his entire face is a duplicate of Nicks this makes me happy), and he loves leg massages. He has completely changed our lives....I can't imagine my life without him. I have found in just a few short months I am a better person and suddenly incredibly selfless because of him. I am extremely grateful and humbled that God blessed us with him and I have never appreciated Nick or loved him quite like I do now. (sorry for the mushy overkill:))

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