Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life with Jimmer

Tomorrow Jimmer will be one month old which is hard to believe. This post is basically just a picture post of the last 4 weeks. Since we've gotten home we've gotten his newborn pictures which I cannot wait to post, we've traveled to Davenport, spent Thanksgiving with my family here in Iowa and Nicks family who came to town from Louisiana, and Jimmer and I have done some Christmas shopping and decorating. He changes every day, has discovered his vocal chords, and hates having a dirty diaper! He eats for what feels like two babies and I give him all the credit for getting me to my pre pregnancy weight after just 3 weeks. It's seriously the best diet and you don't have to do anything! I am getting back to working out starting next week which I'm looking forward to. I feel super lazy some days but then realize I only have this time at home with him once and I want to enjoy it. So Jimmer and I stay in our PJ's all day some days, watch all my DVR'd shows, listen to Christmas music and cuddle as much as we can. Nick and I had our first night out together when we celebrated his birthday last weekend. We went to dinner and out and about and had a great time...but couldn't wait to get back to J.J. I am so happy and so blessed. I cannot wait for Christmas. It's always my favorite time of year but extra special this year as I got the greatest gift I've ever gotten.

Jimmer 2 weeks old

Thanksgiving at Aunt Debbies

4 generations:)

Grandma Dolly meeting Jimmer for the first time

Cousins Rhya and Rhylee

Grandpa Jack meeting Jimmer Jack :)

Nicks actual birthday - 20 days after Jimmers

4 generations!

Nana Tina and Jimmer

Best Buddies

Nicks Bday Celebration

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