Thursday, December 22, 2011

6 Week update!!

This coming Monday, Mister Jimmer Jack will be 7 weeks old! Cannot believe that we are already to the monumental 6 week mark. Feel like we just left the hospital. He's changed so much and I love him more every day. It's so true that you don't understand this love until it happens. He's added so much to our lives. He gets more and more active and alert every day...he definitely knows his Mommy...and I will never get tired of the way he smells (well usually:))
Christmas in Michigan...missing Daddy who had to work

Eating: This kid eats like a champ! During the day he eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and as of this week, he goes 5 hours for the night session. He's eating 4 oz at a time..and sometimes cluster feeds and eats 2 oz broken up. He has had nothing but breast milk (sorry TMI) but I am exclusively pumping as that seems to work best for us. I am able to see how much he gets and also freeze way more. I currently have somewhere around 80-90 frozen 6 oz bags in the freezer for when I go back to work. Every once in a while he will eat from me, but I just have come to like pumping better.

Sleeping: Jimmer is sleeping about 14-15 hours a day. He is a night owl like his parents! He is currently sleeping 5 straight hours when we put him down before needing to be fed again. He usually is up and ready to go for the day between 9 and 10 am which works great for us. Nick doesnt go to work until 2 pm so its nice to have him around in the mornings. I get up around 3 or 4 am to feed Jimmer and then again at 7ish...much better than the first few weeks of every 2 1/2 to 3 the whole day and night!
Day to Day: I love our days together. Most days we are home although we've ventured out a few times to Christmas shop, visit Morgan in Des Moines, met my Dad for lunch and most recently a road trip to Michigan for the Vanover Christmas which he did super well with:) I have such an incredible family and there is so much love there. I love how all  of us cousins are so close in age and there were so many little ones running around. I loved every bit of it...I can't wait for Jimmer to see how awesome of a family God gave him.  When I told Nick about it I decided we needed to try and get there for Christmas every year.
 2-3 times a day we do "tummy time" to strengthen his neck and back. He didn't like this so much at first but has really started to. Sometimes he falls asleep while on his tummy which he seems to like...I'm paranoid so watch him like a hawk but he's been able to lift his head since he was a week old so I'm sure he would be fine. He loves his swing and bouncer and also his activity mat that I lay him on a few times a day as well. He smiles all the time and has just recently started laughing which is my favorite.

Me: My recovery has been amazing. I feel 100% back to normal. I had to reschedule my 6 week appointment for January 4th so looking forward to that.  Started doing some workout exercises at home which have made me super sore! I'm headed back to the gym after Christmas to start running and lifting weights again:) I'm also going to look into signing up for a morning hot yoga or spin class. Because Nick works 2 pm to 11 pm I'll be able to run and work out in the morning before Nick goes for his workout and then to work. Once I go back to work I'll have to figure something else out. Maybe Grandma can watch him a few evenings a week for an hour or 2. I'm below my pre pregnancy weight by a few lbs because of how much this guy eats but have really started paying attention to how much I eat to make sure I get that extra 500 calories. I love being able to stuff my face for the benefit of my child:)

Here are some pictures from today when we were playing and talking to each other:)

Fake smile..."get the camera out of my face please"

"Oh more pictures please"

Somebodys thighs are getting fuller...LOVE it

"Too close....too close"

this one cracks me up!!!!!!

We have almost all our Christmas shopping done except a few more for Daddy.  Tomorrow night Nick and I are having Date Night and my sister is going to watch Jimmer which I'm super excited about but will miss him I'm sure. I'm also very much looking forward to the Christmas festivities here at home and with the family and also to my friend Morgans little baby arriving around January 7th! :)

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