Monday, October 3, 2011

Where to begin......

Gosh I feel like I have so much to cover. Went to Florida for my cousins wedding (which was absolutely beautiful!), have made HUGE progress on the nursery, bought a car, hit the 34 week mark, had an AMAZING baby shower, had my appointment, and had to have an ultrasound because they thought I was measuring small.
I'll start with Florida. Won't really say too much except for that I desperately wished Nick could have gone, and thorougly enjoyed the long weekend away...however my swankles aka swollen ankles were non stop in that humidity. My Dad's neice is the one who got married and my cousin closest in age to me (5 1/2 months apart). My parents, divorced since 1992, are still close friends and my Mom is still a part of the family so she was invited too. Dad, Mom, Step Mom and I headed to Florida. Meghann (my cousin) was a gorgeous bride and I am so happy for her and Eric! Here are a few pictures:


Mom, Step Mom and Dad:)

Next up: Nursery. Yaaa for getting the crib together, the cubical orgnizer thing, and finally finished painting the dresser and getting that in the room. Here are some updated pictures of the progress...still a few things to add...rug, lamp, his name above the crib, and we ordered the glider which should be here in the next week. But slowly but surely coming together:

Dresser is primed and painting has started

Dresser Knobs are done!

First coat done...


Oh and we got a new car! Traded in the little Cobalt for a family/baby friendly vehicle. We love it and got incredible service from Pat McGrath Chevyland...super happy with the purchase. Don't have a picture at the moment but will eventually :)

Baby Shower - my goodness I can't even exlain to you how thankful I am and how wonderful the baby shower was. I was so appreciative for everyone who came and for the hostesses who put it on. It was the most gorgeous fall day and such a humbling day for me. People are incredibly generous..we got so many cute clothes and neccessities for this spoiled little baby boy. Naturally I got home and put everythign in it's "place" and put together the things that needed some assembly.
The hostesses and I

Melted Candy bar/Diaper Game

My friend Ashley and her 8 week old baby Quinn

My sister Ashley and I

Hawkeye Onesie with "Larson" on the butt

Pregnant Besties...26 weeks and 34 weeks

Mama June and I

My nephew Brayden helping me open gifts
And finally my 34 week appointment turned Ultrasound. Went to my appointment today and was told I was measuring small. Two weeks ago I measured 32 at 32 weeks which is right on track. This appointment I measured 31 at 34 weeks. Not sure how I could have dropped down but whatever. So they wanted to get me back in for an ultrasound. They had something open that day so I went back later in the afternoon. Let me tell you that those 3 1/2 hours between appointments I became familiar with the term "a mothers worry"...and I really wish there was a way to make it disappear for all eternity. What a terrible feeling. I kept thinking that the good news was I got to see my little buddy again, confirm he was a boy and check to make sure he was as healthy as could be. Well GREAT news...everything was completely normal. I am 34 weeks 2 days and he measured at 34 weeks 1 day and is 5.1 lbs according to the ultrasound tech. Heart rate was 145 to 150 and I had them 100% CONFIRM that this is a little boy..which believe me HE WAS :) He's also head down which I hope he stays that way!  He is the spitting image of his father. Got some pictures which made my day:)

34 Weeks ...a short update

Size: Depends on what book you're reading. But it looks like he's anywhere from 4-5 lbs (5.1 I guess!) and 17-20 inches long. He's pretty much full grown :)

Cravings: Cupcakes and bagels :)

Weight: Gained 1.5 more lbs at my last appointment. So I'm up around 23 1/2 lbs.

Heart Beat: 145 :) Love this sound.

Milestones: Hmmm...well it's October so I can now say I'm having a baby "NEXT MONTH"

Symptoms: Legs Cramps...literally wake up in the morning when I stretch and my toes gets stuck pointing forward and I have to reach down to pull them back..leaving them incredibly sore the rest of the day. Otherwise it's easy breezy.


  1. Your nursery is looking adorable! And you look fantastic as well, momma! :)

  2. You look great! I'm visiting from The Bump.