Monday, October 24, 2011

No big deal...he's just the size of a WATERMELLON!

Today I am 37 weeks 2 Days pregnant, am 93% done with this pregnancy and have 19 days until our due date! Saturday I was pretty uncomfortable and got a little nervous but I think I was just having some serious Braxton Hicks Contractions. Appointment today went well...she's not checking me again until next week so I won't know if we're getting somewhere or not!

Weight Gain: No Change..still up 27 lbs. Doc said I might gain a few more if anything as weight gain usually slows or stops at this stage in pregnancy. I wanted to gain 30-35 lbs for breastfeeding purposes so hoping I can gain those last 3. And then of course I will wake up after 2 weeks and it will all have magically melted off;)
Heart Rate: 135-140 bpm
Measuring: 35 cm which she said is pretty typical as babies tend to settle farther back in the last few weeks.
Position: Head Down YAAA!

Can we just also discuss the fact that this dude is now the size of a flipping WATERMELLON. How on earth is that even humanly possible?!?! Maybe my swollen hands and feet, aching back, and whole bunch of other stuff I'll keep to myself doesn't seem so outrageous when I see a picture of a giant Watermellon and realize I'm toting that around with me everywhere I go. And I'd also like to point out that I can't place that watermellon in the most comfortable spot at any given time...he kind of rolls and floats and places himself wherever he sees fit, when he sees fit. So, when that happens to be right on top of my bladder and I find myself making my way to the bathroom for the 30th time that day, I have to remind myself that I might be carrying the watermellon...but the poor rascal has almost nowhere to go. Talk about needing a good stretch!! For those of you who are ambitious....go ahead and climb into a cooler or suit case in the fetal position and stay there for just an hour. Let me know how that goes.

Got some more cleaning done this past weekend and got the car seat that was sitting in our living room into the car:) So weird driving around with this thing in our back seat!?!? Wasn't I just driving my teal beretta to WHS with my basketball shoes, History Books, and fast food wrappers in the back? Now I have a car seat!!
 Cannot believe how close this is getting! I nearly had an anxiety attack when she said "We will probably see you next week but baby may decide to come before then you never know".....WhAT!?!?

Also...anyone who knows me knows how much I live for the Holidays. Thanksgiving into Christmas into the New Year is my absolute favorite favorite time. I love decorating, cooking, eating, giving presents, snow (only during this short time span FYI), family, friends, the fire place, Church, all the good TV and movies, and music. SO needless to say...the thought of being home with our new little one for ALL THREE (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) is almost too much to handle. I love that I can decorate the house during the day while hanging out with our little buddy...and bake cookies....and watch as many Christmas movies and television that I want. I am ELATED at the timing of all of this and might just have to have all our babies at the same time so I can do this with all of them.

Also...Justin Biebers Christmas CD comes out on November 1st. I've had the luxury to hear a few early released songs and I'm not kidding when I say it's up there with N'Syncs Christmas CD (a classic no doubt). I don't care how ridiculous I sound. I have Bieber Fever and I don't care who knows it. So, it would be in your best interest if come November find your way to the nearest Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc and pick this up. I promise it will be worth it.


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