Wednesday, October 19, 2011

kEgs & diAperS...AnOThEr shOWeR..& 36 WeEkS

36 1/2 our beautiful work bathroom:)

Kegs and Diapers was a huge success (aside from the fact the Hawkeyes lost which put us all in a bad mood for like 2.7 minutes). It was absolutely beautiful outside, so many people came, and there was tons of food! We were there from 12 pm until 11 pm and I was EXAHUSTED afterwards. It was good to see so many people that we hadn't seen in a while and the ones we had! The keg only had a VERY little bit left in it and Nick and I got lots of diapers. It was a great day:




I had my second and final shower on October 9th:). I got home afterwards with all the gifts from both the showers and just started crying with how overwhelmed and thankful I was. I feel so undeserving somehow but am so humbled at the generosity. This shower were all the theatre/Follies gals that either my Mom has met over the last 20 or so years or I have doing shows, musicals etc. It was also my Mom's closest girlfriends and work friends. The whole experience also, yet again, makes me realize how amazing of a person my Mother is. Most of those people were there because of the friend she has been, so they therefore met my sister and I and grew to love us too through her. The food was amazing, the cake was SUPER adorable (see pic below), and Nick and I and baby received SO many wonderful things. We got our travel system, elephant humidifier, boppy pillow, high chair, little Sperry shoes, diaper pail, outfits, closet organizers, his bouncer for when he's older, floor activity mat...gosh I know I'm forgetting something. The only BIG item that we have left is the pack n play...which I saw on our registry has just been marked down $ sometime in the next month need to get that. What a great weekend!!:
The amazing cute!

Boogie Wipes!!

Baby Larson is one spoiled boy

Tiny Pants:)


Travel System...Mom was sobbing

Some of the wonderful ladies

The adoptive Aunts

36 weeks pregnant36 Weeks...4 Days Pregnant...just 24 days to go! Had my 36 week appointment on Monday and it went well:). I'm now onto weekly appointments and in just 3 days I will be FULL TERM! Then it's just up to this little guy to come when he's good and ready! I'm so excited to see his face. The only thing I've been dealing with lately is a serious case of pregnancy carpal tunnel sydrome! WOWZA. It wakes me up in the middle of the night and it's constant throughout the day. Nothing I can do about it really but try to sleep with my hands above my head keep my hands moving to get the blood flowing. Extremely painful and uncomfortable but again..I've had an easy easy pregnancy so I hate complaining. I also have Braxton Hicks about every day.

Weight Gain: 27 lbs....on pace for 30 :):) Pretty happy about that.
Heart Rate: little guy! 
Labor Signs: None...she checked me and so far no progress. Go back this coming Monday so we shall see if any progress has been made.

 She said I'm still measuring small, but baby is measuring perfectly based on the u/s so nothing to worry about. She talked about wanting me to go into labor on my own but if I am a week over we will start talking about induction. I really am hoping that my body goes on it's own and he comes when he is ready! I did have an amazing pregnancy massage and am going back on November 8th as they said they can concentrate on certain presure points to possibly jump start labor!!

Also, Nicks Mom, his sister Whit, Brother and neices all got their tickets to come on November 18th! They may or may not be here for the actual arrival depending on when he decides it's time to come, but they will be here pretty close regardless so this baby will have a lot of love and family around :) Very excited!

Nick and I went to the Iowa vs Northwestern night game this past weekend! It was so much fun and we had fabulous seats thanks to my Mom and Step Dad Gary. There was this awesome thing before the game where everyone had a card that they had to hold up and it made an American Flag....I took picutres so you can see how amazing it was. Then we flipped the cards and it spelled out "America Needs Farmers":

36 1/2 week belly pic updated in Expanding Belly section. Will update nursery pics in a few days. Just need to hang the valences, get an orange rug, and hang maternity photos once we get them back (our session is tomorrow afternoon).

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