Friday, October 21, 2011

37 Weeks

37 Weeks! (well tomorrow anyway)

How far along? 36 Weeks 6 days....tomorrow I will be 37 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: Up 27 lbs...on track to gain 30 at the most which I am more than happy with!

Stretch marks? Safe in this department so far! I have had moments where I think I spot one but so far so good. I have heard sometimes they come on late so I'm not in the clear yet!
Sleep:  Most nights I wake up at least once now. However I do not go to the bathroom one time in the middle of the night. So strange.
Best moment this week: Will be tomorrow when I'm officially FULL TERM and it's now up to this little guy when he wants to come. of my dearest friends Ashley Ernst sent me chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels to my work this past week with the sweetest card inside counting down the weeks! Made my day (and baby was happy too) tasted incredible:) Strange to think that 22 years ago we were exchanging candy on snack day in Mrs. Nelsons kindergarton class...she's an incredible person and friend that one!
Movement: Lots and lots and lots. Different movement then before as he's clearly ran out of room..but lots of rolling around in there.
Food cravings: Sweets!
Maternity clothes? I think through this whole pregnancy I bought like 5 "maternity" way am I getting anything new now!
Gender: BOY!!!!
Labor Signs: I'm not really sure. I am feeling lower pressure and have experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions. But my appointment last Monday showed no progress so far. My next appoitment is this coming Monday and Nick is meeting me...I'm hoping he brings good luck!  
Belly Button in or out? Pretty much in...but definitely not my old bely button
What I miss: PUtting my shoes and socks on like a normal person...."Squeezing" between any two old skin...Blue Moon...skinny jeans.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our baby.

We had our maternity photo session yesterday and it was hysterical. It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing all over the place. Nick hates getting his picture taken anyway so this just made it all the more hilarious. Nicks nose was running and red like eyes were watering so if I look super emotional in the pictures that's why! We started at this cute ice cream shop downtown and got an ice cream cone. We then took some in an alley and ended up on this bridge which oddly enough was one of the locations for my senior pictures as well..we've come FULL CIRCLE! Here is a sample picture that the amazing photographer Tara put on her facebook page as a "sneak peek." is her webiste and she takes great pictures! When Baby Larson is just 4 or 5 days old she's taking his newborn photos as well!

36 Weeks 5 Days

I can't wait to see the rest of them. She will be putting a preview on her website and then sending us the code to see all the prints.
In other news...the incredible people I work with decorated my desk in baby shower stuff....and made me a cake that matches the crib bedding! (See pic below of cake and bedding...amazing right!??!)
Cake made by Kelly Whipple :)

Baby Larsons Bedding


Later in the afternoon they had an office shower for me and I nearly busted out in tears when I saw that they got Nick, baby and I the pack n play we registered for. I was not expecting that at all and am just so grateful for not only this new job but mostly for the people! We had cake and ice cream and now baby Larson has his pack n play which he will sleep in for the first few weeks when we get home from the hospital! I still can not get over how overwhelmed I am at the generosity everyone has shown. It's the most AWESOME feeling and one I never feel I adequately express my thanks for! UFG ESOLUTIONS is the best!
Side note: Please pray for the Saint Louis Cardinals for my husband Nick. Other than my Dad, I have never in my life met a bigger baseball fan. Nick loves the Cardinals as much as he loves me I'm convinced haha. It's also kind of neat because in 1982, Nicks Dad welcomed his first son (Nick) just weeks after the Saint Louis Cardinals won the World Series. Now 29 years later, the Cardinals are just a few wins away from being World Series Champsions just as Nick is just a few weeks away from welcoming his first born son. I know I watch entirely too much Drama TV...but HOW COOL IS that!?!? I really hope they are able to pull it off!

One year ago at this time I was just a few weeks from becoming Nick's I'm a few weeks away from being someone's Mother. In just a years time I got an incredible husband, a new incredible job, and am about to have a little boy. I cannot say enough Prayers to show even 1% of my thanks!

Nursery pictures to come!!

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