Friday, September 2, 2011

Nursery Progress

I'm a little behind in getting these up but better late than never. The painting part of the nursery is about 90% done:) Only thing left to do is paint the thick green stripe and skinny teal stripe around 3 of the 4 walls. The pictures below show the progress so far. We have primed it, painted the base and accent wall. When I start a project I become obsessed with it so I did this all in a day and a half and I was EXHAUSTED! Thankfully my Mom helped with the first coat. I also purchased his crib but am waiting to put it together until we have our carpets cleaned. Here is the nursery progress:

Before Baby Room - How it looked when we purchased the house


First Coat :)

Making progress...

Added the teal!

1st Coat finished

Nick put this was in his room when he was a little boy:)

2nd Coat done...just need to add the stripe!!

Closet View

Almost done :)

Updated the expanding belly pics for a 30 week belly shot (well technically 29 weeks and 6 days but I'm sure it won't change in a day :)). I cannot believe that I am 30 weeks pregnant. Excites me and scares the bejeebies out of me all at once. In just 7 weeks I will be considered full term! Also...I have hit the "frumpy stage". Holy Canoly do I feel like a double chin, puffy faced chip munk, sausage fingers, lumpy butt...amongst other things. He is worth every bit of it but sitting in the hair salon yesterday, staring at my new face for 2 hours was a little depressing. However I feel 100% better after getting my hair done! I curse all mirrors! :) In all reality, with keeping my workouts up and gaining little weight I'm happy with where I'm at. But any woman knows watching any part of you expand is hard to swallow. I do know that I will bounce back in no time...I cannot wait to do spin class and get a good run in again!

Tomorrow Nick and I leave for Saint Louis! We are meeting his parents and little brother there who are driving up from Louisiana and going to 2 Cardinals games and my favorite the Zoo! Will be a nice get away and we haven't seen Nick's Dad or brother since our wedding last November so it's long overdue. Excited about the hotel and escaping for a while! ALSO.....the first HAWKEYE football game is tomorrow!!! Usually we are there tailgating:( So excited to listen to the game and watch the end of it once we get to Saint Louis. I absolutely love football season and anyone who's a Hawkeye fan knows how incredible it is to live in Iowa during this time of year. I love it.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend! Will update pics from our weekend to Saint Louis and any nursery progress next week:)

Tomorrow = 30 weeks/70 days left!!!

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