Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Call me Violet

NURSERY painting is DONE! Thanks to my Mom's friend Andie who is seriously like a mini Martha Stewart (but the non criminal kind), we were able to complete it. We painted three stripes on the wall the crib will go against to match the bedding. Andie advised to not have the lines end where the wall does. She said it always looks better when you find a way to continue them on to the next wall so that's what we did. I am so happy with the results and for Andie's help! Here is our progress and some pictures of our freshly cleaned carpets! Finally the completely painted room...FINALLY:
Tape Done...LONGEST step
Mom and Andie Painting...I did the green stripe:)

Waiting for it to dry...
Patiently waiting to take tape off...

....Nick clearing the room to have carpets cleaned

tape off...stripes done!
Clean stairs..


Clean carpet in living room...

Nursery Done...just needs furniture

Clean carpet in bedroom...

Clean carpet in family room...
House feels TEN TIMES cleaner having the carpets cleaned. Starting to feel less and less stressed with every little thing we get done!

On Friday, I am heading to Florida for my cousins wedding. It's my Dad's brothers daughter and although my parents have been divorced for nearly 20 years, my mother was invited as well. Mom, Dad, and Step Mom and I (and a number of other family members) are all off to Orlando, Florida for a long weekend. Nick has to work and cannot come with:( I am looking forward to the get away but worried if it's humid that I will be a SWOLLEN blueberry. I say blueberry because lately the only person I seem to relate to is that Violet chick from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know...the one that chews the gum that tastes like every meal except the dessert portion had a glitch in it (Willy Warned her!). So she blows up like a huge blueberry?? Yea, that's me at almost 33 weeks pregnant, only I'm not blue. All I need are some umpa lumpas to roll me around from place to place. At any rate, I'm very excited for the wedding and to see the family.

As far as my checklist goes from my last post.....the nursery is now painted, the carpets have been professionally cleaned, I have a pediatrician, I completed all the FMLA paperwork as did my Doctor, I didn't need a note to fly, and I bought a pair of black maternity work pants to get me through the next 7 or so weeks. When I get back from Florida, the crib will be getting set up, the dresser will be painted and in the room, and we will have a new vehicle...all by next Friday. YIKES! I am also making the name to go above the crib. Not to mention I stumbled upon this adorable Fall/Halloween "do it yourself" project that I just have to do. If I find the time to do it, I will post about it.

Will be 33 weeks on Saturday and when I get back from Florida I'll update the Expanding Belly Page. I can feel him getting very crowded in there. I feel parts of him way on my side and up by my ribs and everywhere. I am so looking forward to my shower next Saturday too:) I cannot get over that we are almost to October. Didn't I just find out I was pregnant??

LET'S GO HAWKEYES this Saturday!!! We called and there is an Iowa bar 5 miles from our hotel in Florida...YAAAAA so excited:)

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