Monday, September 19, 2011

GROWING list & 32 Week Appointment

So I've hit the moment of "panic" with just 7 1/2 weeks to go until our due date and a list that seems to have more things to do than days left to do them. Here are a few:

1. Buy Video Camera
2. Make the Name to go above Crib (Hobby Lobby :) )
3. Teal Lamp for Nursery
4. Carpets Cleaned
5. Order Mobile
6. Dresser Project - Sand, Paint, and put new Knobs on it. Oh and there's one drawer that needs to be fixed!
7. Decide on a Pediatrician
8. Complete all 2012 paperwork and FMLA paperwork for work
9. Get Doctors note to fly (on 9/23 to my cousins wedding in Florida) and also have them complete FMLA paperwork
10. Buy a few maternity shirts and some comfy sweats to get me through the next few months.
11. Buy Rug for nursery
12. Finish painting nursery (Tomorrow:))
13. Start thinking about anniversary and birthday gift ideas for Nick (11/6 = anniversary; 11/27 = birthday)
14. Order Christmas Decorations and Wrapping Paper (want this done before baby!)
15. Buy anything I do not receive at showers that are "must haves" when baby arrives (ex. Glider, Diapers, Bottles...)
16. Buy Shower Hostess Gifts
17. Pack hospital Bag (probably around 36 weeks)
18. Purchase New vehicle (last weekend in September)
19. Set up Crib
20. Wash all baby clothes and bedding

...ok so I'm sure there's more but that's just the start of it. I feel like I am going to have an anxiety attack. Thankfully a lot of them can be done easily and quickly, I am getting help with some of them, and they can be somewhat spread out.

32 Week Appointment
Today was my 32 week appointment :) Officially today I am 32 weeks and 2 days. Appointment went great. I am measuring right at 32 weeks, am on pace to gain 30 lbs or less, his heart rate was at 135 and my blood pressure was good. I now start going every 2 weeks so I go back on October 3rd. I cannot get over how fast this goes. I'd like to say I'm ready right now, but truthfully I need these last few weeks to prepare not only the nursery and our house...but my MIND!

How Big Is Baby: Right around 4 lbs. And between 16 and 18 inches:)

Weight Gain: Up 22 lbs....Doctor told me she thinks I'll gain 27-30 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Nothing new other than a dress to wear to my cousins wedding. Will probably have to get another pair of jeans, a few shirts and some SWEATPANTS!!
Belly Button: Still In...just slanted.
Symptoms: Acid reflex, heart burn, terrible foot cramps

Cravings: Chinese Food and Caramel Bars (Little Debbie) :)

Sleep: Fantastic! Don't get up once!!

Best Moments: His movements, hiccups, rolls, kicks....and how he does it when he hears Nicks voice.

Worst Moments: Growing grOWINg GROWING

I can't live without: My 20 Fall Shows...yup 20.

What I Miss: Hard workouts, tying my shoes with ease, a flat stomach, having a beer while tailgating. 

 I am looking forward to: Finishing the painting portion of his room, going to Florida for my cousins wedding this weekend. Also the Kegs and Diapers party aka MAN SHOWER Nick decided he's having (this was just decided on last night) :)

Milestones: Moved to every 2 weeks appointments :)

Exercise: Walking, squating, stretching

Movement: All the time!
 Gender: As far as we know it's a BOY:)

ALSO HOW ABOUT THEM HAWKEYES!!! We headed down to iowa City with our friends Ashley and Andy and despite losing all faith and thinking they looked absolutely dreadful in the first was one of the best Iowa games I've watched to date by the end! Here are a few pictures of us at Brothers during and after the victory!! Hopefully they can keep this going next week!! :)

When all hope seemed to be lost...

HALFTIME....Ashley and My sober Sally Self on my official 32nd week of pregnancy


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