Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Call me Violet

NURSERY painting is DONE! Thanks to my Mom's friend Andie who is seriously like a mini Martha Stewart (but the non criminal kind), we were able to complete it. We painted three stripes on the wall the crib will go against to match the bedding. Andie advised to not have the lines end where the wall does. She said it always looks better when you find a way to continue them on to the next wall so that's what we did. I am so happy with the results and for Andie's help! Here is our progress and some pictures of our freshly cleaned carpets! Finally the completely painted room...FINALLY:
Tape Done...LONGEST step
Mom and Andie Painting...I did the green stripe:)

Waiting for it to dry...
Patiently waiting to take tape off...

....Nick clearing the room to have carpets cleaned

tape off...stripes done!
Clean stairs..


Clean carpet in living room...

Nursery Done...just needs furniture

Clean carpet in bedroom...

Clean carpet in family room...
House feels TEN TIMES cleaner having the carpets cleaned. Starting to feel less and less stressed with every little thing we get done!

On Friday, I am heading to Florida for my cousins wedding. It's my Dad's brothers daughter and although my parents have been divorced for nearly 20 years, my mother was invited as well. Mom, Dad, and Step Mom and I (and a number of other family members) are all off to Orlando, Florida for a long weekend. Nick has to work and cannot come with:( I am looking forward to the get away but worried if it's humid that I will be a SWOLLEN blueberry. I say blueberry because lately the only person I seem to relate to is that Violet chick from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know...the one that chews the gum that tastes like every meal except the dessert portion had a glitch in it (Willy Warned her!). So she blows up like a huge blueberry?? Yea, that's me at almost 33 weeks pregnant, only I'm not blue. All I need are some umpa lumpas to roll me around from place to place. At any rate, I'm very excited for the wedding and to see the family.

As far as my checklist goes from my last post.....the nursery is now painted, the carpets have been professionally cleaned, I have a pediatrician, I completed all the FMLA paperwork as did my Doctor, I didn't need a note to fly, and I bought a pair of black maternity work pants to get me through the next 7 or so weeks. When I get back from Florida, the crib will be getting set up, the dresser will be painted and in the room, and we will have a new vehicle...all by next Friday. YIKES! I am also making the name to go above the crib. Not to mention I stumbled upon this adorable Fall/Halloween "do it yourself" project that I just have to do. If I find the time to do it, I will post about it.

Will be 33 weeks on Saturday and when I get back from Florida I'll update the Expanding Belly Page. I can feel him getting very crowded in there. I feel parts of him way on my side and up by my ribs and everywhere. I am so looking forward to my shower next Saturday too:) I cannot get over that we are almost to October. Didn't I just find out I was pregnant??

LET'S GO HAWKEYES this Saturday!!! We called and there is an Iowa bar 5 miles from our hotel in Florida...YAAAAA so excited:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

GROWING list & 32 Week Appointment

So I've hit the moment of "panic" with just 7 1/2 weeks to go until our due date and a list that seems to have more things to do than days left to do them. Here are a few:

1. Buy Video Camera
2. Make the Name to go above Crib (Hobby Lobby :) )
3. Teal Lamp for Nursery
4. Carpets Cleaned
5. Order Mobile
6. Dresser Project - Sand, Paint, and put new Knobs on it. Oh and there's one drawer that needs to be fixed!
7. Decide on a Pediatrician
8. Complete all 2012 paperwork and FMLA paperwork for work
9. Get Doctors note to fly (on 9/23 to my cousins wedding in Florida) and also have them complete FMLA paperwork
10. Buy a few maternity shirts and some comfy sweats to get me through the next few months.
11. Buy Rug for nursery
12. Finish painting nursery (Tomorrow:))
13. Start thinking about anniversary and birthday gift ideas for Nick (11/6 = anniversary; 11/27 = birthday)
14. Order Christmas Decorations and Wrapping Paper (want this done before baby!)
15. Buy anything I do not receive at showers that are "must haves" when baby arrives (ex. Glider, Diapers, Bottles...)
16. Buy Shower Hostess Gifts
17. Pack hospital Bag (probably around 36 weeks)
18. Purchase New vehicle (last weekend in September)
19. Set up Crib
20. Wash all baby clothes and bedding

...ok so I'm sure there's more but that's just the start of it. I feel like I am going to have an anxiety attack. Thankfully a lot of them can be done easily and quickly, I am getting help with some of them, and they can be somewhat spread out.

32 Week Appointment
Today was my 32 week appointment :) Officially today I am 32 weeks and 2 days. Appointment went great. I am measuring right at 32 weeks, am on pace to gain 30 lbs or less, his heart rate was at 135 and my blood pressure was good. I now start going every 2 weeks so I go back on October 3rd. I cannot get over how fast this goes. I'd like to say I'm ready right now, but truthfully I need these last few weeks to prepare not only the nursery and our house...but my MIND!

How Big Is Baby: Right around 4 lbs. And between 16 and 18 inches:)

Weight Gain: Up 22 lbs....Doctor told me she thinks I'll gain 27-30 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Nothing new other than a dress to wear to my cousins wedding. Will probably have to get another pair of jeans, a few shirts and some SWEATPANTS!!
Belly Button: Still In...just slanted.
Symptoms: Acid reflex, heart burn, terrible foot cramps

Cravings: Chinese Food and Caramel Bars (Little Debbie) :)

Sleep: Fantastic! Don't get up once!!

Best Moments: His movements, hiccups, rolls, kicks....and how he does it when he hears Nicks voice.

Worst Moments: Growing grOWINg GROWING

I can't live without: My 20 Fall Shows...yup 20.

What I Miss: Hard workouts, tying my shoes with ease, a flat stomach, having a beer while tailgating. 

 I am looking forward to: Finishing the painting portion of his room, going to Florida for my cousins wedding this weekend. Also the Kegs and Diapers party aka MAN SHOWER Nick decided he's having (this was just decided on last night) :)

Milestones: Moved to every 2 weeks appointments :)

Exercise: Walking, squating, stretching

Movement: All the time!
 Gender: As far as we know it's a BOY:)

ALSO HOW ABOUT THEM HAWKEYES!!! We headed down to iowa City with our friends Ashley and Andy and despite losing all faith and thinking they looked absolutely dreadful in the first was one of the best Iowa games I've watched to date by the end! Here are a few pictures of us at Brothers during and after the victory!! Hopefully they can keep this going next week!! :)

When all hope seemed to be lost...

HALFTIME....Ashley and My sober Sally Self on my official 32nd week of pregnancy


Sunday, September 11, 2011

"You can find me in St. Louie..Where the gun play ring all day nanana"

I just had to reference a throwback from Nelly as my blog title :) Nick and I returned from Saint Louis on Monday after a much needed trip away. We got to see my Mother in Law, Father in Law and Brother in Law...went to two Cardinals baseball games...saw the Arch...did some shopping at Union Station..and on our way out of town Nick and I stopped at the Zoo:) We stayed in a SUPER nice hotel thanks to Papa Larsons reward points and I officially reached 30 weeks pregnant (now I'm 31 weeks 1 day:)). Had not seen Nicks Dad or brother since our Wedding 10 months ago! All 3 of those boys are die hard Cardinals Fans so they were HALF happy that the red birds won one and lost one. Here are lots of pictures of our incredible weekend:

Nick his Dad and brother Dion at Busch Stadium

Nick and I before the Cardinals W!

It as 100 MIL Tina and I getting some shade

The Larson men walking toward the hotel and Arch

Just a little windy!

3 biggest Cardinals fans

Nick and I down by the Arch

Mom and Dad with their boys

At Red's Lounge at the hotel....just love that goofy Cardinals fan

Nick and I at the STL ZOO!

This week going to finish baby Larsons room and look to schedule our carpet cleaning before I set up the crib (how's this for pregnancy brain: just typed "tent" where crib is at the end of that sentence before correcting...apparently this baby is an outdoorsman and is opting for a baby tent rather than a crib..I'm losing it). In the next 3 weeks we are trading my vehicle in for a more "kid friendly whip". We are 99% sure we are going to purchase a Chevy Equinox at the end of this month. Very excited to have the extra room and to have a safer more reliable vehicle for _________ Jack Larson:) Got an invite for the first baby shower being thrown for me in the mail which made this all the more real...I can hardly wait for it on October 1st! So crazy that last year at this time I was gearing up for our wedding. September 18th was my bachelorette party in Chicago and October 9th was my wedding shower. Below are a few throw back pics from just a year ago...didn't think I'd be 31 weeks pregnant just 12 shorts months later! Love all of these girls and am so thankful that they were a part of Nick and I's wedding and now apart of our growing family. This baby will have a lot of adopted Aunts! I feel very lucky to have them.

Wedding Shower - October 9, 2010
Chicago - bachelorette weekend

10-9-10 Wedding Shower

Bachelorette Party in Chi Town 9/18/1

Baby, fetus at 31 weeks - BabyCenterFeel great...he moves all day long and nothing makes me happier than watching my stomach move all over. I'm guessing the hard part I feel just above my belly button is his little booty, assuming he's head down which I hope! Belly is growing, belly button is still not out (starting to think it won't) and baby weighs between 3 and 4 lbs now! He will gain 1/2 a lb a week for the next 6 weeks when he will be full term. He is somewhere around 16 inches long. I have a zillion things to do before he arrives. New bump picture from a week ago in st. louis on expanding belly page:) Getting so close.....makes this gal very nervous, anxious and excited. Have my 32 week appointment a week from tomorrow and then it's every 2 weeks for a while!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nursery Progress

I'm a little behind in getting these up but better late than never. The painting part of the nursery is about 90% done:) Only thing left to do is paint the thick green stripe and skinny teal stripe around 3 of the 4 walls. The pictures below show the progress so far. We have primed it, painted the base and accent wall. When I start a project I become obsessed with it so I did this all in a day and a half and I was EXHAUSTED! Thankfully my Mom helped with the first coat. I also purchased his crib but am waiting to put it together until we have our carpets cleaned. Here is the nursery progress:

Before Baby Room - How it looked when we purchased the house


First Coat :)

Making progress...

Added the teal!

1st Coat finished

Nick put this was in his room when he was a little boy:)

2nd Coat done...just need to add the stripe!!

Closet View

Almost done :)

Updated the expanding belly pics for a 30 week belly shot (well technically 29 weeks and 6 days but I'm sure it won't change in a day :)). I cannot believe that I am 30 weeks pregnant. Excites me and scares the bejeebies out of me all at once. In just 7 weeks I will be considered full term! Also...I have hit the "frumpy stage". Holy Canoly do I feel like a double chin, puffy faced chip munk, sausage fingers, lumpy butt...amongst other things. He is worth every bit of it but sitting in the hair salon yesterday, staring at my new face for 2 hours was a little depressing. However I feel 100% better after getting my hair done! I curse all mirrors! :) In all reality, with keeping my workouts up and gaining little weight I'm happy with where I'm at. But any woman knows watching any part of you expand is hard to swallow. I do know that I will bounce back in no time...I cannot wait to do spin class and get a good run in again!

Tomorrow Nick and I leave for Saint Louis! We are meeting his parents and little brother there who are driving up from Louisiana and going to 2 Cardinals games and my favorite the Zoo! Will be a nice get away and we haven't seen Nick's Dad or brother since our wedding last November so it's long overdue. Excited about the hotel and escaping for a while! ALSO.....the first HAWKEYE football game is tomorrow!!! Usually we are there tailgating:( So excited to listen to the game and watch the end of it once we get to Saint Louis. I absolutely love football season and anyone who's a Hawkeye fan knows how incredible it is to live in Iowa during this time of year. I love it.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend! Will update pics from our weekend to Saint Louis and any nursery progress next week:)

Tomorrow = 30 weeks/70 days left!!!