Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Name Game

What an incredibly stressful thing the name game has been. I'm not sure if it's so much finding a name that fits as it is everyones opinions on every name. You mention a name you like and you get several "I love that" comments and you get several "It's ok" or the awkward silence where you know they hate it. The fact of the matter is, not everyone will like every name you pick. There's the old schoolers who want the traditional names....the out there's who want the crazy hard to spell/pronounce names...then there's those who want a little of both. But when it comes to picking the name, you're sure to have a friend or two, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, SOMEONE who won't be crazy about it. At the end of the day, it's Nick and I's decision and one I know we'll make together and that will fit perfectly for this little boy.

Not sure what that name is on that ankle lol!!
 That being said, Nick and I have decided that this is one thing we will keep a secret. I can say that as of yesterday we didn't have a name at all! There were several options. For the longest time our favorite was Easton Jack Larson. For whatever reason that just doesn't feel like it's "his" name. I love the name and always have but it's never felt like that was the one. We also liked Drake, Brantley, Brooks and Jax to name a few. Last night Nick and I were laying down talking and came to a pretty solid conclusion. Then this afternoon we made it final and official. It is very different, VERY uncommon, and surely there will be some weird faces and confusion. But for people who know Nick and I well, it will make perfect sense :) It sounds so good together and as we were talking about it I felt this very proud and excited feeling like "this is my sons name." It is also the first name Nick and I got really excited about together. So the name will be __________  ________ Larson :) What's funny is before we were even pregnant we joked about this name, loving the sound of it but kidding when we said it. We never thought we would seriously consider it. It's also a name that will most likely be turned into an initial/nickname down the road. Turns out...... it just might be perfect.

We do, however, have approximately 93 days left (13 weeks and 2 days) to change our minds. But something about this feels Nick put it in his email today .... " __________ ______ Larson it is!!!!! final....8/11/11 2:13 pm. I love that whole name by the way! With the option to call him ______ too....perfect!!":)

And there you have less thing to do/decide on:) Am I really going to be a Mommy in 13 1/2 weeks??


  1. I'm not really interested in anyone's opinion on what I choose to call my son, either, so I think my husband and I will also keep our baby boy's name a secret...if we can ever finalize one! It must feel so good to know- the name of your baby boy and know that it fits:-).

  2. you will know what to call your child the moment you lay you'r eyes on him/her the only real peice of advice i have is pick a name that is sweet and sturn @ the same time but just remember @ the end of the day he/she is your child and you get to choose what is best for him/her hope it is going well for you o and buy the way with heartburn comes hair :) enjoy the last of your pregentey and congrats to the both of you