Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting a "House Lift"

So I think I mentioned in a previous blog that we had a LONG list of house projects we wanted to complete for before baby and then we have a list of stuff that can wait. One of these project was putting laminate down over the previously scuffed up and not so attractive linoleum...or at least that's what I think it was. I wanted somethign multi colored to bring out the color of the cabinets but not be to matchy matchy. In a perfect world I would want all new dark wood cabinets but this was a much cheaper solution to get some of that warmer color I wanted in the kitchen. Anyway our good friend Clint is quite the handyman and said he would help us out. So this week him and Nick went to work. I wish I would have taken before pictures but of course I forgot! But if you can picture white squared linoleum that can give you somewhat of an idea:)

Our New..much more attractive floor!

Front door area they also did...Yogi is keeping watch (he needs a haircut!)

It took them most of the day when you factor in picking up the supplies etc but I was so pleasantly surprised when I came home from work:) Scratch it off the list!!

You know how when one project gets done you are suddenly UBER motivated to do more. That was me in the days that followed. The floor was done on Monday and by Friday I had an accent wall painted in our living room, the headboard and footboard put together in our spare bedroom and the entire room painted. MANY trips to Lowes and I have found getting the right color of paint is rather difficult!   So many little things to still add...lamp, wall art, decorative things to add to to these rooms but this was a good start! I forgot to take before pictures (idiot) but the accent wall was the same tan color as the adjacent wall and the spare bedroom was completely painted in primer by the previous owners so it looked absolutely terrible. Here are pictures of the finished products:
Living Room Accent Wall...and our awesome chalkboard ROOSTER...cracks me up!

Spare Bedroom

View with Nicks Little Dresser Spot
So there is the start to our mini house lift! Still have to put up our new light fixtures, buy a few more light fixtures for the kitchen, decorate above the cabinets, decorate main bathroom, and most importantly begin the much anticipated babies room! Speaking of which...his bedding arrived yesterday!!I can hardly wait and at 28 weeks, I am SOO ready to start the nursery. 

Baby Larsons Bedding..cannot wait to get started on nursery!
The adorable elephant sheets!
Everything else is great. Sometimes he wakes me up with him rolling around in there but I don't really mind. Next appointment is my 28 week check up this coming Monday where I have my regular check up and glucose test. I also start having appointments every 2 weeks now:) Sometime in the next few days I'll post my 28 week update, appointment overview and update my ever expanding belly pics! WOWZA..buddy has TAKEN over!

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  1. loooooooove the bedding- ill buy it from you when he outgrows it and i'm on #2 ;) haha