Tuesday, August 30, 2011

29 Weeks and Birthing Class

29 Weeks 3 Days...74 Days left:)
How Big Is Baby: According to thebump.com:

your baby at 29 weeks
  • He's getting a little cramped in there, since he's growing so fast. But you probably already realize that, since you're getting all those jabs and kicks.
  • He's growing white fat deposits under his skin, and his energy is surging because of it.
  • Feel a subtle twitch? It might be baby hiccupping.
Weight Gain: Same as last week - up 17 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Ordered some Maternity Jeans from Old Navy. So now I'll have my one pair of elastic work pants and elastic waisted jeans. I haven't gotten any panel jeans or pants yet. Guessing those will come closer to the last month or so.

Belly Button: Still in....I think mine will either just flatten out or not ever pop out...we'll see!
Symptoms: Acid reflex

Cravings: Brueggers Bagels.....plain bagel or cinnamon sugar with strawberry cream cheese.....or a plain bagel with ham, lettuce and tomato on it.  

Sleep: Great!

Best Moments: Feeling him hiccup every day...& priming his room to be painted!

Worst Moments: Feeling full and bloated

I can't live without: Jersey Shore...it's cracking me up lately!

What I Miss: A good long run!

 I am looking forward to: Painting his room and Nick and I's trip to Saint Louis next weekend. His Dad, Mom and brother are meeting us there from Louisiana too:)

Milestones: Graduated from Eggplant to Squash!

Exercise: Following my workout that I posted last week. Thinking about signing up for another session of prenatal yoga that will take me to November 2nd...just 10 days before his due date.

Movement: Lots! More rolling around in there than kicks. I always wonder where his head is at and where his feet are at!

 Gender: As far as we know it's a BOY:)

9 am - 2 pm @ St. Lukes Hospital 08/27/11

Oh Boy was this ever an adventure. We arrived to class and there were probably 12 other couples there, One gal by herself (broke my heart) and one younger gal with her Mom. Of all of those only one couple was having a girl and two others were not finding out. The rest of us all were having boys! I thought that was crazy. Moving on....the lady teaching the class was so awkward and spoke so slowly. Nice, sweet lady but Nick and I kept giggling at the awkward silences, or weird sentences she put together. Most of the stuff she was talking about we already knew or at least I knew from my books. The only beneficial part was the live birth video. I think we both took something from that but we still had a case of the giggles and I kept worrying we were going to get  in trouble. If nothing else, I realized Nick and I always have fun...and that I can't wait to see him as a Dad.

IN OTHER NEWS: Taking my summer hours tomorrow & buying the crib and buying paint for his room! Will have pictures of the nursery updated tomorrow too. So far all we've done is prime it...so tomorrow will just show the little bit of progress being made. May attempt to put the crib together too. 74% done with this pregnancy....and cannot believe that on Saturday I will be 3/4 of the way there!

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