Monday, August 15, 2011

27 Weeks

27 Weeks 2 Days
Due Date: November 12, 2011

How Big Is Baby: Baby is still the size of an Eggplant and runs anywhere from 13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.2 lb :) According to

  • He's practicing inhaling and exhaling with his rapidly developing lungs.

  • It's official: Baby's showing brain activity! And his brain will keep on getting more complex

  • Weight Gain: Still No Idea....I will tell you I had McDonalds TWICE last week...and I don't even particularly like it...and up until then I could count on one hand how many times this whole pregnancy I've had fast food. weigh in should be interesting:) Little guy is worth every pound! 

    Maternity Clothes: No change. Wearing my pre pregnancy jeans and just holding them together with a  hair tie. Bella Band comes in handy too! Most days I just wear a bra cami and put it over my unbottoned pants...hey it works!

    Belly Button: I wish that thing would make it's mind or out already.
    Symptoms: Some heartburn....and a little swelling sometimes in my feet/legs. OH AND LEG CRAMPS IN THE MORNING...YOWZER.

    Cravings: Apparently McDonalds!?!? However....that is OVER! Moment of weakness...workouts are helping keep this in check!

    Sleep: Still great...anywhere from 6 1/2 - 8 hours of sleep a night.
    Best Moments: Pretty sure I saw his hand or foot move last neat:)
    Worst Moments: What I would like to call "McDonals Remorse!!"

    I can't live without: My TV shows...bachelor pad, teen wolf, neccesary roughness, jersey shore, true blood....and that's nothing compared to when my Falls Shows start!

    What I Miss: Mojitos and hard workouts!
    I am looking forward to: Nursery work and my next appointment/last monthly appointment before every 2 week appointments start:)

    Milestones: Final week in the 2nd trimester!
    Exercise/Diet: Walking, Swimming, Squats, Lunges and lots of stairs! And stretching seems to help this leg cramps!!
    Movement: Every day and finally every hour:)

    Gender: BOY!! (at least that's what they told us 7 weeks ago)

    Weekend was great....because we did NOTHING! I loved having a quiet weekend at home because we never do that. Watched movies, cleaned house and slept. Also went to a baby shower for a friend due in September which was really I got to see little Quinn Anne Marie Zweibohmer who has me wrapped around her finger! Thankfully our little guy and Quinn are going to the same daycare so I'll get to see her lots:) Got some more clothes for little guy as the warm stuff is finally out and it seems his closet is full of spring and summer clothes! Also got some decorative pillows for the living room and some NEW underoos. I won't get too into this as I'm not sure who all reads this. Anyone who's been pregnant probably knows that lace, glitter, and "strings" don't fit in the "comfort zone" of a growing booty. That being said, I didn't really have any other options besides the above so needed to get some to last me the next 13 weeks or so. Victorias Secret has these amazing new ones (not sure what they're called) that are both cute and comfy! I LOVE THEM and they passed Nick's "granny panties" test :)

    Today our amazing and dear friend Clint is putting down our laminate flooring. Nick is helping but we are so blessed to have Clint who knows how do those kinds of things around the house! I can't wait to get home tonight and see the finished product and am so thankful to Clint is probably the most giving and amazing guy ever....(and single ladies (wink wink)). It will make the kitchen look so much better! We are also putting new light fixtures in, putting knobs on all the cabinets, and eventually decorating the tops of the cupboards which will give the kitchen a "lift" :)

    I should also probably point out, since I don't think I have yet in any of my posts how amazing my Mother is. Truely she is a God send. Ashley and I would be lost without her and don't tell her nearly enough (Mom...stop crying and we don't need to talk about this little shout out because then I will cry too). She actually bought my new amazing underoos and decorative pillows and got her soon to be grandson some outfits too :) Moms are the sure to tell them.

    Ok that's it for now...I'll post later this week and update a picture:)

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