Tuesday, August 30, 2011

29 Weeks and Birthing Class

29 Weeks 3 Days...74 Days left:)
How Big Is Baby: According to thebump.com:

your baby at 29 weeks
  • He's getting a little cramped in there, since he's growing so fast. But you probably already realize that, since you're getting all those jabs and kicks.
  • He's growing white fat deposits under his skin, and his energy is surging because of it.
  • Feel a subtle twitch? It might be baby hiccupping.
Weight Gain: Same as last week - up 17 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Ordered some Maternity Jeans from Old Navy. So now I'll have my one pair of elastic work pants and elastic waisted jeans. I haven't gotten any panel jeans or pants yet. Guessing those will come closer to the last month or so.

Belly Button: Still in....I think mine will either just flatten out or not ever pop out...we'll see!
Symptoms: Acid reflex

Cravings: Brueggers Bagels.....plain bagel or cinnamon sugar with strawberry cream cheese.....or a plain bagel with ham, lettuce and tomato on it.  

Sleep: Great!

Best Moments: Feeling him hiccup every day...& priming his room to be painted!

Worst Moments: Feeling full and bloated

I can't live without: Jersey Shore...it's cracking me up lately!

What I Miss: A good long run!

 I am looking forward to: Painting his room and Nick and I's trip to Saint Louis next weekend. His Dad, Mom and brother are meeting us there from Louisiana too:)

Milestones: Graduated from Eggplant to Squash!

Exercise: Following my workout that I posted last week. Thinking about signing up for another session of prenatal yoga that will take me to November 2nd...just 10 days before his due date.

Movement: Lots! More rolling around in there than kicks. I always wonder where his head is at and where his feet are at!

 Gender: As far as we know it's a BOY:)

9 am - 2 pm @ St. Lukes Hospital 08/27/11

Oh Boy was this ever an adventure. We arrived to class and there were probably 12 other couples there, One gal by herself (broke my heart) and one younger gal with her Mom. Of all of those only one couple was having a girl and two others were not finding out. The rest of us all were having boys! I thought that was crazy. Moving on....the lady teaching the class was so awkward and spoke so slowly. Nice, sweet lady but Nick and I kept giggling at the awkward silences, or weird sentences she put together. Most of the stuff she was talking about we already knew or at least I knew from my books. The only beneficial part was the live birth video. I think we both took something from that but we still had a case of the giggles and I kept worrying we were going to get  in trouble. If nothing else, I realized Nick and I always have fun...and that I can't wait to see him as a Dad.

IN OTHER NEWS: Taking my summer hours tomorrow & buying the crib and buying paint for his room! Will have pictures of the nursery updated tomorrow too. So far all we've done is prime it...so tomorrow will just show the little bit of progress being made. May attempt to put the crib together too. 74% done with this pregnancy....and cannot believe that on Saturday I will be 3/4 of the way there!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

THIRD & Final Trimester

Officially in the third and final trimester at 28 weeks and 4 days  today:) Cannot believe how fast this goes!
Due Date: November 12, 2011
How Big Is Baby: Putting on layers of fat, your baby now weighs in around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and measures about 13.6 to 14.8 inches.

  • He's starting to develop more fat, so hiswrinkly skin will start to get smoother.

  • His lungs are mature enough that he'd probably survive if he was born now.

  • Weight Gain: I am now up 17 lbs:) Which is on track to gain between 23-29 lbs according to my doctor which is between the recommended 25-35. She said I will gain between a half a pound to a pound a week from here on out.

    Maternity Clothes: Still only the two pairs of work pants. Haven't bought anything else yet but want to get a pair of jeans!

    Belly Button: No change..still not out yet.
    Symptoms: Acid reflex!

    Cravings: None really. I eat when I'm hungry and I eat what's available.

    Sleep: Still sleeping very well and DEEP...wake up with lines all over myself!

    Best Moments: 28 week appointment and hearing his heart beat:)

    Worst Moments: Acid reflex and feeling so not attractive!

    I can't live without: ??? Sweatpants probably!

    What I Miss: Nothing really...just the usual...my old body...summer cocktails....etc. But I truely don't miss any of it that much. I'm too excited for this little boy.

     I am looking forward to: My next appointment...(not until September 19th:(...will explain below in my appointment recap.)

    Milestones: I am in my THIRD trimester..home stretch:)

    Exercise: This is my new work out..toning it down but still getting my body moving:
    Mon - 30 minutes cardio on treadmill, Squats, Dumbbell Arm Workout, Stretch
    Tues - 30 minutes of cardio broken up on treadmill and bike, core workout, stretch
    Wed - OFF
    Thurs - 30 minutes cardio on treadmill, Squats, Dumbbell Arm Workout, Stretch
    Friday - 30 minutes of carido on treadmill or boke, core workout, Stretch
    Sat or Sun - SWIM

    Movement: Every day...kicks will be picking up as he starts running out of room in there!
     Gender: As far as we know it's a BOY:)

    Appointment Overview: Had my 28 week appointment Monday where I had to take my glucose test. I had 5 minutes to drink the orange sugary drink and I had to wait an hour for it to get in my system. While I waited I had my regular check up. I was measuring right at 28 weeks which she said puts me right on track. His heart rate was at 152. I had thought that my appointments would now be every 2 weeks but the doctor said because everything was going so smoothly that they wouldn't have me come back for another month and then start the every 2 weeks appointments after that. This was kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to going more often! But I guess I can wait another month:) Next appointment is September 19th when I'm 32 weeks pregnant. After the appointment with the doctor I waited until it had been an hour since I drank the orange sugary drink and got my blood drawn. They said that no news was good news and that if I failed this first test they would call me by 5:00 pm. Thankfully I didn't hear from them so it looks like I passed! They also checked my iron levels. They wanted it to be at 11 or higher and mine was at 10.9 the first time and 10.7 the second so they want me to take an over the counter iron vitamin. She told me it's relatively common and not to worry. But of course I immediately figured I wasn't doing something right or that the baby wasn't getting enough of something! I will NOT miss a pill:)

    So there you have it! Time to get started on the nursery which I'm very excited about. Got together with a good friend tonight for dinner that was LONG over due. Funny how we can all be so stubborn and let loads of time go by when we don't have a lot of it as it is. I had such a great time and maybe this whole experience has made me realize the kind of people I want in my life and the people who truely are good friends. Also, this coming Saturday Nick and I have our birthing class at Saint Lukes. Boy is he excited for this 9 am to 2 pm class:) Thankfully it's broken up so it's just 2 separate 2 hour blocks. We will survive and hopefully learn a lot about what's to come.



    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Getting a "House Lift"

    So I think I mentioned in a previous blog that we had a LONG list of house projects we wanted to complete for before baby and then we have a list of stuff that can wait. One of these project was putting laminate down over the previously scuffed up and not so attractive linoleum...or at least that's what I think it was. I wanted somethign multi colored to bring out the color of the cabinets but not be to matchy matchy. In a perfect world I would want all new dark wood cabinets but this was a much cheaper solution to get some of that warmer color I wanted in the kitchen. Anyway our good friend Clint is quite the handyman and said he would help us out. So this week him and Nick went to work. I wish I would have taken before pictures but of course I forgot! But if you can picture white squared linoleum that can give you somewhat of an idea:)

    Our New..much more attractive floor!

    Front door area they also did...Yogi is keeping watch (he needs a haircut!)

    It took them most of the day when you factor in picking up the supplies etc but I was so pleasantly surprised when I came home from work:) Scratch it off the list!!

    You know how when one project gets done you are suddenly UBER motivated to do more. That was me in the days that followed. The floor was done on Monday and by Friday I had an accent wall painted in our living room, the headboard and footboard put together in our spare bedroom and the entire room painted. MANY trips to Lowes and I have found getting the right color of paint is rather difficult!   So many little things to still add...lamp, wall art, decorative things to add to to these rooms but this was a good start! I forgot to take before pictures (idiot) but the accent wall was the same tan color as the adjacent wall and the spare bedroom was completely painted in primer by the previous owners so it looked absolutely terrible. Here are pictures of the finished products:
    Living Room Accent Wall...and our awesome chalkboard ROOSTER...cracks me up!

    Spare Bedroom

    View with Nicks Little Dresser Spot
    So there is the start to our mini house lift! Still have to put up our new light fixtures, buy a few more light fixtures for the kitchen, decorate above the cabinets, decorate main bathroom, and most importantly begin the much anticipated babies room! Speaking of which...his bedding arrived yesterday!!I can hardly wait and at 28 weeks, I am SOO ready to start the nursery. 

    Baby Larsons Bedding..cannot wait to get started on nursery!
    The adorable elephant sheets!
    Everything else is great. Sometimes he wakes me up with him rolling around in there but I don't really mind. Next appointment is my 28 week check up this coming Monday where I have my regular check up and glucose test. I also start having appointments every 2 weeks now:) Sometime in the next few days I'll post my 28 week update, appointment overview and update my ever expanding belly pics! WOWZA..buddy has TAKEN over!

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    27 Weeks

    27 Weeks 2 Days
    Due Date: November 12, 2011

    How Big Is Baby: Baby is still the size of an Eggplant and runs anywhere from 13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.2 lb :) According to thebump.com:

  • He's practicing inhaling and exhaling with his rapidly developing lungs.

  • It's official: Baby's showing brain activity! And his brain will keep on getting more complex

  • Weight Gain: Still No Idea....I will tell you I had McDonalds TWICE last week...and I don't even particularly like it...and up until then I could count on one hand how many times this whole pregnancy I've had fast food. SOOOO..next weigh in should be interesting:) Little guy is worth every pound! 

    Maternity Clothes: No change. Wearing my pre pregnancy jeans and just holding them together with a  hair tie. Bella Band comes in handy too! Most days I just wear a bra cami and put it over my unbottoned pants...hey it works!

    Belly Button: I wish that thing would make it's mind up..in or out already.
    Symptoms: Some heartburn....and a little swelling sometimes in my feet/legs. OH AND LEG CRAMPS IN THE MORNING...YOWZER.

    Cravings: Apparently McDonalds!?!? However....that is OVER! Moment of weakness...workouts are helping keep this in check!

    Sleep: Still great...anywhere from 6 1/2 - 8 hours of sleep a night.
    Best Moments: Pretty sure I saw his hand or foot move last week...so neat:)
    Worst Moments: What I would like to call "McDonals Remorse!!"

    I can't live without: My TV shows...bachelor pad, teen wolf, neccesary roughness, jersey shore, true blood....and that's nothing compared to when my Falls Shows start!

    What I Miss: Mojitos and hard workouts!
    I am looking forward to: Nursery work and my next appointment/last monthly appointment before every 2 week appointments start:)

    Milestones: Final week in the 2nd trimester!
    Exercise/Diet: Walking, Swimming, Squats, Lunges and lots of stairs! And stretching seems to help this leg cramps!!
    Movement: Every day and finally every hour:)

    Gender: BOY!! (at least that's what they told us 7 weeks ago)

    Weekend was great....because we did NOTHING! I loved having a quiet weekend at home because we never do that. Watched movies, cleaned house and slept. Also went to a baby shower for a friend due in September which was really fun...plus I got to see little Quinn Anne Marie Zweibohmer who has me wrapped around her finger! Thankfully our little guy and Quinn are going to the same daycare so I'll get to see her lots:) Got some more clothes for little guy as the warm stuff is finally out and it seems his closet is full of spring and summer clothes! Also got some decorative pillows for the living room and some NEW underoos. I won't get too into this as I'm not sure who all reads this. Anyone who's been pregnant probably knows that lace, glitter, and "strings" don't fit in the "comfort zone" of a growing booty. That being said, I didn't really have any other options besides the above so needed to get some to last me the next 13 weeks or so. Victorias Secret has these amazing new ones (not sure what they're called) that are both cute and comfy! I LOVE THEM and they passed Nick's "granny panties" test :)

    Today our amazing and dear friend Clint is putting down our laminate flooring. Nick is helping but we are so blessed to have Clint who knows how do those kinds of things around the house! I can't wait to get home tonight and see the finished product and am so thankful to Clint is probably the most giving and amazing guy ever....(and single ladies (wink wink)). It will make the kitchen look so much better! We are also putting new light fixtures in, putting knobs on all the cabinets, and eventually decorating the tops of the cupboards which will give the kitchen a "lift" :)

    I should also probably point out, since I don't think I have yet in any of my posts how amazing my Mother is. Truely she is a God send. Ashley and I would be lost without her and don't tell her nearly enough (Mom...stop crying and we don't need to talk about this little shout out because then I will cry too). She actually bought my new amazing underoos and decorative pillows and got her soon to be grandson some outfits too :) Moms are the best...be sure to tell them.

    Ok that's it for now...I'll post later this week and update a picture:)

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    The Name Game

    What an incredibly stressful thing the name game has been. I'm not sure if it's so much finding a name that fits as it is everyones opinions on every name. You mention a name you like and you get several "I love that" comments and you get several "It's ok" or the awkward silence where you know they hate it. The fact of the matter is, not everyone will like every name you pick. There's the old schoolers who want the traditional names....the out there's who want the crazy hard to spell/pronounce names...then there's those who want a little of both. But when it comes to picking the name, you're sure to have a friend or two, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, SOMEONE who won't be crazy about it. At the end of the day, it's Nick and I's decision and one I know we'll make together and that will fit perfectly for this little boy.

    Not sure what that name is on that ankle lol!!
     That being said, Nick and I have decided that this is one thing we will keep a secret. I can say that as of yesterday we didn't have a name at all! There were several options. For the longest time our favorite was Easton Jack Larson. For whatever reason that just doesn't feel like it's "his" name. I love the name and always have but it's never felt like that was the one. We also liked Drake, Brantley, Brooks and Jax to name a few. Last night Nick and I were laying down talking and came to a pretty solid conclusion. Then this afternoon we made it final and official. It is very different, VERY uncommon, and surely there will be some weird faces and confusion. But for people who know Nick and I well, it will make perfect sense :) It sounds so good together and as we were talking about it I felt this very proud and excited feeling like "this is my sons name." It is also the first name Nick and I got really excited about together. So the name will be __________  ________ Larson :) What's funny is before we were even pregnant we joked about this name, loving the sound of it but kidding when we said it. We never thought we would seriously consider it. It's also a name that will most likely be turned into an initial/nickname down the road. Turns out...... it just might be perfect.

    We do, however, have approximately 93 days left (13 weeks and 2 days) to change our minds. But something about this feels right..as Nick put it in his email today .... " __________ ______ Larson it is!!!!! final....8/11/11 2:13 pm. I love that whole name by the way! With the option to call him ______ too....perfect!!":)

    And there you have it...one less thing to do/decide on:) Am I really going to be a Mommy in 13 1/2 weeks??

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    fAIr fUn & fRieNds....plus 26 Weeks

    What an incredible week! We just wrapped up our 4th consecutive Mississippi Valley Fair in my hubby's home town of Davenport. He's been going nearly his whole life and when we started dating I joined in on the fun. It runs Tuesday through Sunday and there's a concert every night! We went to 3 of the concerts - Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker and Miranda Lambert. We had planned on going to Steve Miller band but it was sprinkling so we went to the beer tent instead:) This is one of my favorite weeks of the summer. We put tents up in Nick's grandparents backyard, set up the boards and bags, grill out, relax and see some amazing concerts. I obviously couldn't enjoy any summer cocktails this year but I had just as much fun and got to be the DD for everyone:) I also think my belly grew every day I was there!! Here are some recap pictures!

    Hubby and I at Blake Shelton:)

    Dad and I at Blake Shelton

    For the Record I'm holding Nicks Beer:)

    Group Shot!

    Nick and I at Darius Rucker

    Nick playing guitar before karaoke at Jack and Dollys Bar

    Grandma Dolly and I:)

    Clint and Nick before heading to the beer tent!
    Love that guy:)

    Showing off our belly's!
    26 Weeks...today I am 26 weeks 3 days pregnant and closing in on the 3rd trimester!
    Due Date: November 12, 2011

    26 weeks pregnantHow Big Is Baby: Baby is still the size of an Eggplant and runs anywhere from 13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.2 lb :)

    Weight Gain: I have no clue! We don't own a scale but I might run over to my Mom's and use hers. I will know the "official" weight gain at my next appointment in 2 weeks.

    Maternity Clothes: Same as last week...the two pairs of work pants and then wearing the flowy pre pregnancy clothes :)
    Belly Button: Still looks like an aliens eye!

    Symptoms: Not too many - heart burn mostly. Pretty easy breezy so far.
    Cravings: Was just talking to Nick about how I haven't had any of these really yet. Maybe they'll kick into gear in the 3rd trimester.

    Sleep: Wonderful!! But have to be on my side.

    Best Moments: Watching my body change and grow as this baby grows and every time Nick touches my belly how the baby kicks.

    Worst Moments: Standing in the beer tent...without a beer! That and heartburn!!!

    I can't live without: Stretchy Pants and Nick (I know...barf, puke....but really we are closer than ever and he's just so wonderful. God was good to me with that one;))

    What I Miss: Wine....My summer jean shorts...my flat belly

    I am looking forward to: Starting the nursery project!

    Milestones: Nick put his ear up to my belly and heard little buddies heartbeat! WISH I was flexible enough to do the same! Also...baby is now old enough/big enough to survive if heaven forbid I delivered now....but let's just hope he cooks in there another 11-14 weeks:)

    Exercise/Diet: Fair Week=Vacation....Vacation=No Exercise! This week I'm definitely back at it with swim workouts, treadmill and bike workouts and upper and lower body weights. Diet is whatever sounds good.

    Movement: All the time. I now feel him rolling from one side to the other or from breeched to not breeched. It's a slow rolling pin effect and I can never tell which way he is. I looked down the other day and one half of my belly was sticking out much farther than the other...when I felt it I was sure it was his little head...and of course I cried a little.

    Gender: BOY!!

    *NEW pics in Expanding belly Section:)

    ALSO.....our friends Ashley and Andy became parents on Friday, August 5th to a beautiful 7 lb 3 oz little girl named Quinn Anne Marie :) I got to meet her for the first time last night and she was absolutely perfect. So happy for both of them:) We also got to meet our friends Ashley and Paul Coopers 2 1/2 month old son Cutler. It was so amazing watching Nick with him...he certainly is a natural. All these babies are making me very excited for what's coming our way in just a few short months. They are all such little miracles!

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    25...and a half WEEKS

    Hard to believe that I'm 6 months pregnant and nearing the 3rd trimester already. As of last Saturday I am 25 weeks pregnant! Only 15 weeks and 104 days left to go!

    25 Weeks

    Due Date: November 12, 2011

    How Big is Baby: 13.6 to 14.8 inches & 1.5 to 2.2 lbs...size of an eggplant!

    25 weeks pregnant

    Weight Gain: Not sure until next appointment which is forever away! I'm guessing I'm up 10 lbs or so.

    Maternity Clothes: Finally got a pair of pants for work with a stretchy waist! Actually got two pairs. But I need some jeans/capris! Things are definitely getting uncomfortable!

    Belly Button: UMMM I don't even want to discuss the nature of my alien like, warped belly button. Sometimes the top of it is half way out...sometimes the left or the right side is. Super hot!
    Symptoms: Dizzy spells, ligament pain, stretching, and a terrible case of the "dropsies" (I DROP EVERYTHING!)

    Cravings: None that I know of. Water!!

    Sleep: Still amazing sleep! 7-8 hours and only having to get up a few nights a week in the middle of the night.

    Best Moments: Having him kick when Nicks hand was on my belly and watching my move. Also we went on our hospital tour Sunday at St. Lukes Hospital....made this whole thing much more real!

    Worst Moments: The dizzy moments and stretching...SUPER uncomfortable.

    I Can't Live Without: My ipod pedometer and True Blood.

    What I Miss: Tying my shoes with ease and laying on my back.

    I am looking forward to: The Mississippi Valley Fair (Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, Steve Miller Band and Miranda Lambert) :) Baby is going to LOVE country music!

    Milestones: Nick feeling baby and my belly officially "popping"

    Exercise/Diet: Walking 10-15 miles a week, lots of squats, dumbbell weights for arms, and stretching! Picked up my vegetables, eating smaller meals every couple hours and still loving FRUIT!

    Food Cravings: Haven't had any cravings really yet...except I did make scotcheroos and they are DELICIOUS!!

    Movement: I feel him everyday :)

    Gender: BOY!!!

    Also...we went to visit my best friend Morgan and her husband Jay and their little boy Carter on Saturday in Grimes, IA. She is 17 weeks pregnant (will be 18 this coming Saturday) and it was the first time I got to see her since she told me she was expecting. The guys golfed during the day Saturday while Morg, Carter and I sat and talked, watched Carter play in the pool, and made those scotcheroos I was talking about! When the guys got back we grilled out and then watched a movie. The sun kicked Nick and Jays butts and us pregnant ladies were of course tired so we were all alseep around midnight...about 2 or 3 hours earlier than what we would have been years prior! Probably a good thing since the guys made another tee time at 6:00 am the next day!! Apparently the course was amazing and difficult and they needed one more go around. When they got back Morg, Jay and Carter headed off to Church and Nick and I stopped at Perkins for breakfast before heading back into Cedar Rapids for our St. Lukes Hospital Tour. We know that is the hospital that we will deliver at as that is where my Dad, Sisters and Nephew were all born (I was born in Indiana) and Nick was also born at St. Lukes (only in Davenport not Cedar Rapids). We wanted to check it out before the big day arrives. I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack...it makes it VERY VERY real. Cannot believe how soon we get to meet our baby boy.

    Morg and I trying to snap a pic while the sun was going down

    Chef Jay preparing our yummy meal

    17 weeks and 25 weeks preggers:)

    HAHAH no he didn't wet himself....little ketchup spill :) Nick and Jay playing bags

    Carter Bug heading back inside where Yogi's waiting for him
    Giving us another glance...

    Strong Boy

    And finally.....my friend Ashley should have her baby ANY DAY now! Last checked she was 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced. Dr. thinks she'll go by Friday. Her birthday is tomorrow so I'm hoping she has her then...what an incredible birthday present:) So excited to meet Quinn Zweibohmer!