Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TIME to start Purchasing!

I have been looking at Diaper Bags basically since the week I found out I was pregnant. I have always noticed the different patterns and styles of bags on all the Mommy's pushing around their little ones. For the longest time I had my eye on this gorgeous Coach Bag...but it was $300 and I just couldn't stomach paying that. The boy one was extra cute but again..couldn't do it. I went to the Coach outlet in Williamsburg a few weeks ago to check some of them out but they just didn't have what I was looking for. Either the color wasn't right or the bag was ENTIRELY too big. WOWZA..there was a grey one that I'm pretty sure I could pack for a weeks vacation in! I also had my eye on some OiOi diaper bags (SUPER cute btw) but again just wasn't finding the right fit.
Anyway...I wasn't planning on purchasing one for a few months but I stumbled upon this Petunia Pickle Bottom 2 Day Surprise Sale at the Outlet Website. A few clicks of the mouse and there was no way I could pass this deal up! Bags were 40%-60% off their usually $175 or so prices. My next problem was picking between two of them. There was one teal/aqua one that I have seen before and had my eye on and then a  green and black one that I liked too. There was only an $18 difference between the two so that didn't matter. After looking at each about 50 times, I sent them to Nick and let him pick. He liked both as well but we decided one of the two was a bit more "manly" for when he would be carrying it around which to my delight he said would be just as much as I would be:) Here were the final two:

 We decided on the green and black one. It's more manly for Nick and it matches a lot of the stuff we already registered for (not that it really matters:))

CRIB BEDDING! Oh my goodness was this ever a headache! I searched websites into their 60th pages of boy bedding sometimes. Just like with clothing, there just isn't as much out there for boys as there is girls. I kind of knew what I was looking for but was open to different ideas. I love green. It's my favorite color and I liked it as an alternative to the usual boy blue. I also love aqua/teal and in a perfect world would have had charcoal grey in there as well. Unfortunately in baby land, brown is the charcoal grey. Everything seems to be mixed with brown. I also am AMAZED at how much baby bedding is...good golly! Thankfully I am a bargain hunter (well me and my Mother). Nick said this was all me as long as it wasn't girly and I showed him before buying. DEAL. I finally found the one that had the color scheme I wanted and could do some really fun paint and decorating things with! Side note: I'm not into a lot of animals...just not my thing. So the elephants were definitely me stepping out of my animal comfort zone. But for some reason, having just the ONE animal and it not being too abnoxious and doing cart wheels/flips, it has grown on me tremendously...

We didn't purchase the rug (Nick did not dig the rug so I'm going to just get a plain green, aqua or orange one). We got the bedding, and valance (2 actually to fit the window), and I'm later purchasing the crib mobile. I found a super cute lamp at Target that has a green base and we are getting the dresser that my little sister Olivia used and painting it green :) Will look something like this (only the green will obviously match):


We are also doing something completely different than the picture with the painting of the walls. Once we get started on that I will update.

Next up: Crib Purchase...oddly enough that pick was much easier than the diaper bag and bedding!

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